Discover the 10 most colorful animals on the planet

As we know, the animal kingdom often has many surprises in store for us. While some animals have rather mundane colors, which generally allow them to blend into the landscape in order to escape predators, others are particularly colorful. The proof with these 10 incredibly colorful animals!

1. Golden Pheasant

Considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world , the golden pheasant corresponds in all respects to the description that we have of the legendary phoenix . Native to China , it is a solitary animal that prefers to move on the ground rather than fly. Only the males of this species have plumage with such shimmering colors, the latter allowing them to seduce females during the breeding season.

golden pheasant
Credits: Keshav Mukund Kandhadai/Flickr

2. The panther chameleon

There are nearly 200 species of chameleons, and most have the ability to change color , which these reptiles are famous for. Moreover, contrary to what one might think, this color change is a reflection of their mood and not a camouflage technique. Among all these magnificent chameleons, the panther chameleon, native to Madagascar , stands out for its sometimes very spectacular colors.

Credits: iStock

3. Cashmere fish

Also called mandarin fish, the cashmere fish is a small fish of 6 centimeters which has a bright coloring, which makes it particularly appreciated by aquarists. In the wild, it lives along the coasts to the west of the Pacific Ocean .

cashmere fish
Credits: Susan Dennis/Good Free Photos

4. The Mandarin Duck

Originally from Southeast Asia , the mandarin duck can however be observed in Europe, where it has become acclimatized after a few individuals escaped from captivity. Like many other animal species, it is the male who sports magnificent plumage during the breeding season. A symbol of fidelity , this duck is known to live as a couple throughout its life .

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mandarin duck
Credits: Bru-nO/Pixabay

5. The Halloween Crab

Native to South America , the Halloween crab is a small, round , brightly colored crab that likes to spend its day hiding in the sand. It only comes out at nightfall to search for food. In females, the hues are rather orange while the males tend towards red .

halloween crab
Credits: Dexxfire/Wikimedia Commons

6. Rainbow Lorikeet

The Rainbow Lorikeet is the most talkative of all parrots . But also one of the most colorful. It is mainly found in Oceania , in the city or in the countryside. He lives most of the time in bands but has only one partner  to whom he remains faithful until his death.

blue-headed lorikeet parrot
Credits: iStock

7. The maple anisote butterfly

This butterfly, which is found exclusively in North America , is easily recognizable by its pink and yellow colors , which give it a particularly cute look. Especially since he has a small furry body that makes him look like a stuffed animal.

maple anisote moth
Credits : Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren/Wikipedia

8. The Agama Lizard

Originally from Africa , the Agama lizard is distinguished by its varied colors which cover its 40 centimeter long body . It is in the morning, during its daily sunbathing , that this reptile replaces its brown color adopted for the night by these brighter colors.

agama lizard
Credits: Bernard DUPONT/Flickr

9. Peacock

The peacock, and especially the blue peacock, is an example of beauty and majesty . When he makes his wheel to seduce a female, it’s a real explosion of colors. This bird from India  also has another particularity: it has a particularly strident cry that can be heard over a kilometer away.

Credits: iStock

10. The Peacock Spider

The peacock is not the only one with this name. Indeed, there is also an arachnid called the peacock spider , which has nothing to envy to the colors of the plumage of the peacock. And for good reason, this tiny jumping spider native to Australia has a resplendently colored abdomen that also allows it to seduce females. But, unlike the peacock, the male peacock spider risks being devoured by the female he seduces.

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peacock spider
Credits : KDS444/Wikimedia Commons
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