Discover: The 12 best places to swim in Reunion

Reunion Island is full of corners of paradise where you can take a dip. Beaches, pools, waterfalls: here are the best spots for swimming in Reunion.


  • The best beaches for swimming in Reunion
  • – 1. Hermitage beach
  • – 2. Saline-les-Bains beach
  • – 3. The canoe basin at Etang-Salé beach
  • – 4. Roches Noires beach
  • – 5. The swimming pool at Grande Anse beach
  • – 6. Boucan Canot beach
  • – 7. Manapany beach basin
  • The best rivers for swimming in Reunion
  • – 8. Le Bassin Bleu de Sainte-Anne
  • – 9. La rivière des Marsouins
  • – 10. Le bassin Bœuf à Sainte-Suzanne
  • Les meilleures cascades où se baigner à La Réunion
  • – 11. La cascade du Voile de la Mariée
  • – 12. La cascade du Trou Noir

A volcanic pearl in the heart of the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island offers a myriad of breathtaking landscapes. These are a dream playground for adventurers who love adventurous holidays… but not only!

Too often, however, holidaymakers dreaming of idleness, beaches and coconut palms turn away from Reunion and prefer other islands. The reason given? Reunion’s beaches are sometimes dangerous, in particular because of the significant presence of sharks.

However, there are a thousand and one ways to swim in Reunion in complete safety, both in the ocean and in the heart of the land. The island is indeed full of welcoming lagoons, basins and waterfalls that are as idyllic as they are safe. To give you an idea of ​​their beauty and diversity, we have gathered here the best places to swim in Reunion. All you have to do is put on your jersey, check the safety instructions from the authorities, and enjoy!

Les meilleures plages où se baigner à La Réunion

1. La plage de l’Hermitage

Hermitage beach - where to swim Reunion Island

Photo credit: Shutterstock – photobeginner

The large Hermitage beach is one of the most popular beaches for swimming in Reunion. Indeed, thanks to the shallow waters of the shore and the coral reef that protects them, it is very safe. Located between Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains and La Saline, it unrolls kilometers of white sand, to the delight of holidaymakers.

Elle est aussi particulièrement appréciée des familles, grâce à son espace de baignade sécurisé et ses zones ombragées. Enfin, si vous souhaitez vous essayer au snorkeling, il s’agit de l’un des meilleurs endroits où vous pourrez vous baigner à La Réunion. En effet, vous aurez la possibilité d’observer les coraux et la faune marine en toute tranquillité.

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2. La plage de la Saline-les-Bains

Saline-les-Bains beach

Photo credit : Wikimedia – holder

Neighboring the Hermitage, La Saline beach is also one of the most popular with families for swimming in Reunion. It offers a supervised and shallow bathing area, as well as pleasant shaded picnic areas.

In addition, various water activities are offered on this beach. Finally, this one wins the prize for accessible swimming in Reunion. Indeed, it includes a “handiplage” area specifically designed for people with reduced mobility.

3. Le Bassin pirogue de la plage de l’Étang-Salé

Etang-Salé beach - where to swim Reunion Island

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Tonton Bernardo

Made of black sand, the Etang-Salé beach is one of the most amazing settings where you can swim in Reunion. It owes its dark color to a mixture of volcanic basalt and coral typical of Reunion!

1.5 kilometers long, it nevertheless offers a more limited space for swimming. Indeed, this is only possible in the canoe basin, which is secure. But if you dream of prolonging your aquatic adventures, know that a water park is located near the beach.

4. La plage des Roches Noires

Roches Noires beach

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Balate Dorin

Located in the heart of Saint-Gilles, Roches Noires beach seduces with its accessibility and lively atmosphere. It is bordered by a lively esplanade where concerts take place and where there are many cafes, restaurants and ice cream parlors.

But Roches Noires beach is also one of the best spots for swimming and bathing in Reunion. Indeed, it is bordered by deeper waters than the previous ones. These are protected not by a coral reef, but by an anti-shark net. They are also conducive to the observation of fish, since the beach is part of the marine nature reserve of the island.

5. La piscine de la plage de Grande Anse

Grande Anse beach - where to swim Reunion Island

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Cherriere Pierre

If you dream of fine sand and coconut palms, Grande Anse beach will undoubtedly be one of your favorite swimming spots in Reunion. Particularly beautiful, this beach is ideal for sunbathing in an idyllic setting.

Toutefois, la baignade peut s’y révéler dangereuse du fait des vents et courants puissants. Heureusement, une zone façon piscine naturelle a été aménagée spécialement pour la baignade. Par ailleurs, la plage de la Grande Anse est bien équipée, et bordée d’un grand parc idéal pour pique-niquer ou s’amuser.

6. Boucan Canot Beach

Boucan Canot beach

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Orosz delphine

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Located next to Saint-Paul, Boucan Canot beach offers a supervised swimming area. As it is not protected by the coral reef of Reunion, one bathes there in deeper waters than elsewhere.

D’ailleurs, les baigneurs qui la fréquentent aiment aussi s’amuser dans les vagues, ou observer la faune subaquatique. Mais les plus jeunes et les moins aventureux pourront aussi se baigner en toute tranquillité dans la piscine naturelle abritée par des rochers.

7. Manapany Beach Basin

The basin of Manapany beach - where to swim Reunion Island

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Nikkyo974

More confidential, this beach nevertheless deserves its place in the list of the best spots for swimming in Reunion. Nestled in the hollow of Manapany Bay , this black sand beach offers a wilder setting, largely unknown to tourists. A pleasant pool bordered by rocks has been built in the ocean to allow swimming. On the other hand, it is dangerous and strictly forbidden to swim elsewhere in the bay.

Les meilleures rivières où se baigner à La Réunion

8. The Blue Basin of Sainte-Anne

The Blue Basin of Sainte-Anne

Photo credit: Flickr – Daniel Paul PAYET

Between ocean and river, your heart swings? That’s good: the Bassin Bleu offers you a bit of both at the same time. Indeed, it is located at the mouth of a river, and forms a kind of lake with clear waters. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to swim in Reunion since it is as pleasant and refreshing as it is safe. Finally, it has the advantage of being very easy to access, being located in the heart of Sainte-Anne.

9. La rivière des Marsouins

The Marsouins river - where to swim Réunion

Photo credit: Shutterstock – JeanLucIchard

The Marsouins river flows into the ocean near the town of Saint-Benoît. Slightly upstream is a little corner of paradise: Coco Island . Although home to a few houses, this river island is still preserved and particularly quiet.

En matière de baignade, les environs de l’îlet offrent des coins sauvages très agréables. Et si vous fuyez l’agitation des plages de La Réunion ? Se baigner dans la rivière des Marsouins est une expérience tout aussi idyllique, mais bien plus paisible !

10. Le bassin Bœuf à Sainte-Suzanne

The Boeuf basin in Sainte-Suzanne

Photo credit: Flickr – Law-Tang Photography

Very often in Reunion, bathing is a small victory that has to be earned. You will sometimes have to walk to reach remote swimming spots. But their tranquility and preserved beauty are well worth the detour! This is the case for the Boeuf basin.

Pour rejoindre ce petit coin de paradis, il vous faudra marcher une quinzaine de minutes en remontant le cours d’eau. Vous arriverez alors dans un havre de paix verdoyant, idéal pour une sieste et un bain de fraîcheur en été.

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The best waterfalls to swim in Reunion

11. Bridal Veil Waterfall

The waterfall of the Veil of the Bride - where to swim Reunion Island

Photo credit: Flickr – Michel Thomas / Craipeau

Voici l’un des lieux les plus spectaculaires où se baigner à La Réunion. Modelés par le volcanisme, les reliefs de l’île abritent de très nombreuses cascades, et celle du Voile de la Mariée est l’une des plus célèbres. Elle tient son nom d’une légende selon laquelle le voile d’une jeune épouse se serait accrochée à la falaise lors de sa chute.

Au pied de cette époustouflante chute d’eau se trouve une piscine naturelle propice à la baignade. Il y a fort à parier que vous en garderez un souvenir inoubliable !

12. La cascade du Trou Noir

The Black Hole waterfall

Photo credit: Wikimedia – David.Monniaux

The Trou Noir waterfall is located downstream from the splendid and famous Langevin waterfall, on the river of the same name. Less spectacular than its big sister, the Trou Noir waterfall is however more suitable for swimming. Indeed, it flows into a peaceful and very pleasant pool… provided you are not afraid of fresh water!

A veritable hole of greenery, this basin is a place full of charm. We therefore recommend that you make a small detour on the road to the Langevin waterfall.

13. Niagara Falls

The Niagara waterfall - where to swim Réunion

Photo credit: Shutterstock – SYLVAIN FELTEN

Yes, you read that right: Reunion has its own Niagara Falls . Spectacular, the Niagara waterfall has little to envy its American cousins. It falls along a steep stone cliff surrounded by vegetation.

But it is above all the basin formed at its foot that interests us. Bordered by a small pebble beach, it offers a dream setting for swimming. In addition, the Niagara waterfall has the advantage of being easily accessible from downtown Sainte-Suzanne. In short, as you will have understood, we have one of the best places to swim in Reunion!

Heavenly beaches, idyllic rivers or spectacular waterfalls: there are swimming spots for everyone in Reunion. Why not vary the pleasures during your stay by alternating snorkeling sessions in the lagoon, lazing around in the shade of the casuarina trees and refreshing dives while hiking?

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