Discover the 16 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Colombia

Visiting Colombia will not leave you indifferent. Between its various coasts, its mountain ranges, its History and its sulphurous culture, you will not remain insensitive.


  • 1. Tayrona Park
  • 2. The Lost City
  • 3. Chicken Tip
  • 4. Cartagena de los Indias
  • 5. Bogota
  • 6. Zipaquira Salt Cathedral
  • 7. Mongui et le paramo d’Oceta
  • 8. The Tatacoa Desert
  • 9. Visit Medellin and Commune 13
  • 10. Guatape
  • 11. Garden
  • 12. Salento and Los Nevados Park
  • 13. San Augustine
  • 14. Tierradentro Archaeological Park
  • 15. The Amazon
  • 16. Caño Cristales

The mere mention of the name of this country automatically brings us back to its tumultuous past. Fortunately, Colombia is not just about drug trafficking, its cartels and other guerrillas. As big as four times the size of France, Colombia offers a diversity of exceptional landscapes and cultures to anyone who wishes to venture there. With only six million visitors a year, this country is one of the least visited on the continent. Nevertheless it is, for many travelers, the richest and most impressive country of the South American continent. You want to book a plane ticket for this destination but you don’t yet know what to do and see in Colombia? Do not panic ! We will see together the main points of interest to visit Colombia.

1. Tayrona Park

colombia beach park tayrona

Photo credit: Shutterstock: Olga Kot Photo

One of the most beautiful parks in the country! If you are looking for what to do and see in Colombia, Tayrona Park is a must. Located on the Caribbean coast of the country, you will discover sumptuous paradisiacal beaches bounded by turquoise waters. Its postcard landscapes and its atmosphere conducive to relaxation will not leave you indifferent.

2. The Lost City

colombia lost city hiking

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Joerg Steber

This site has nothing to envy to the mythical Machu Picchu . However, it is mandatory for you to go through an approved travel agency that will take you to the foot of the various terraces and ruins during a five-day trek. Built by the Tairona people , thus giving their name to the national park, this site will put you in the shoes of explorers in search of a lost civilization. Let yourself be seduced by this unique place when you plan to visit Colombia.

3. Chicken Tip

colombia la gallina

Photo credit: Shutterstock, by Sunsinger

Also on the Caribbean coast , Punta Gallina is the northernmost point of the South American continent. If you are looking for what to do and see in Colombia, this site will fill you with the magic of the elements. Indeed, you will be able to admire sand dunes flowing into the Caribbean Sea. A show you will remember for a long time.

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4. Cartagena de los Indias

colombia cartagena colorful street

Photo credit: Shutterstock, by Anselme Arthur

Considered by many to be the most beautiful city in South America, Cartagena has a unique charm. Between its fortifications and its colonial historic center, you will have enough to spend a few unforgettable days. In addition, many activities are available to you in the area, including a visit to the Rosario archipelago and San Bernardo with their sublime beaches and corals.Related tickets/activities:Cartagena

5. Bogota

colombia bogota view

Photo credit: Shutterstock / PAYM Photography

Capital of the country, Bogota will offer you many riches. Between its historic center, its many murals and an impressive number of museums, you will have enough to occupy your days. Among the must-sees are the Gold Museum, which brings together the largest collection of artifacts in the world, and the Botero Museum, where the artist of the same name unveils his voluptuous paintings and sculptures. To the question “what to do and see in Colombia?” Bogota is a must in terms of culture.Related tickets/activities:

6. Zipaquira Salt Cathedral

colombia salt cathedral of zipaquira

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Evelyn Dutra

Located just an hour’s drive north of Bogota, this site is ranked as the first wonder of Colombia, voted by the Colombian people themselves. And you will not be disappointed by the beauty of this place. Hundreds of miners helped build what is now the largest underground cathedral in the world. On your list of what to do and see in Colombia, this cathedral must appear at the top of your notes!

7. Mongui et le paramo d’Oceta

colombie mongui paramo oceta

Credit photo: Shutterstock / OSTILL and Franck Camh

Besides being one of the most beautiful villages in Colombia , Mongui is also the access point to one of the most beautiful panoramas in the world. Perched three thousand meters above sea level, this colonial village is a marvel in itself. However, it does not detract from the beauty of an ecosystem composed of eighty percent water and located a thousand meters higher.

8. The Tatacoa Desert

colombia desert tatacoa

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Jess Kraft

The latter has the particularity of having two types of desert: a red and a gray. Visiting Colombia necessarily includes a passage through this arid zone where you will be able to enjoy one of the many astronomical observatories during the night. Indeed, far from the light pollution, your eyes will be delighted by the discovery of the various stars. This place is reminiscent, all things considered obviously, of the Colorado Provençal of Rustrel .

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9. Visit Medellin and Commune 13

Colombia apartment buildings Medellin

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Oscar Garces

When looking for what to do and see in Colombia, it’s hard to miss the country’s second largest city. In the past, the latter was considered the most dangerous in the world. But today, it is one of the most striking examples of social transformation. Over the past few decades, Medellinhas been able to improve its infrastructure to include the suburbs. This strategy has made it possible to leave behind the dark hours of its history. Be sure to visit Comuna 13! Once considered the safest area of ​​the city, it has now become the most touristy! You will discover many graffiti painted by the young people of the district in order to counter the violence. The Memory Museum is also a must. It will give you a glimpse of the tumultuous history of this city which cannot be ignored. Visiting Colombia necessarily involves discovering Medellin and its transformation.

10. Guatape

Colombia colorful houses in Guatape

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Barna Tanko

Located less than two hours from Medellin, Guatapé is a colonial village with undeniable charm. Its colorful alleys, its various balconies and numerous squares will offer you a magical moment for the eyes. Nevertheless, the main attraction lies in the lake which borders the village. Many aquatic activities are offered to you. In order to admire the lake in its entirety, you will need to go to Piedra del Penol . Indeed, this rock perched two hundred meters high will give you a breathtaking view at three hundred and sixty degrees over the lake and the various islands. But before enjoying the show, you will need to climb the six hundred and forty-nine steps to reach the top of the rock.

11. Garden

Colombia, mountains and fog in Jardín

Photo credit: Shutterstock / RG13

Let yourself be seduced by the country’s first colonial village! Lost in the mountains, its charm is undeniable. Many hikes allow you to visit the region. This will then be an opportunity for you to rest away from the cities.

12. Salento and Los Nevados Park

Colombia, green valley of Ccocora in Los Nevados Park

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Lucie Parizkova

One of the most touristic places in the country after the three main cities. Many activities are available to you with in particular the Valley of Cocora. The latter will take you to the feet of the tallest palm trees in the world, some of which measure almost sixty meters. For lovers of walks and hikes, the valley is also the entry point to Los Nevados Park. This will give you access to an anthology of incredible landscapes in the middle of peaks over six thousand meters.

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13. San Augustine

colombia statues unesco san augustin

Photo credit: Shutterstock / By Ilyshev Dmitry

The archaeological wealth of Colombia is not limited only to the Lost City. In the south of the country is the site of San Augustin, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will be able to admire various sculptures and tombs dating back nearly one thousand five hundred years. In addition, if you are looking for what to do and see in Colombia and in these places, there are many activities available to you. Between the archaeological sites, the various waterfalls and horseback riding, the solutions are not lacking.

14. Tierradentro Archaeological Park

Colombia Green Valley of Tierradentro

The opportunity for you to put on your best Indiana Jones costume! Indeed, this Unesco site brings together hundreds of tombs from a civilization of which we know nothing. Their only remains are these tombs, sometimes dug nine meters underground, and grouping together paintings that have survived entire centuries. A must if you are looking for what to do and see in Colombia and when you are a history lover!

15. The Amazon

Colombia Amazon trees

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Sorn340 Images

Accessible only by plane, the Amazon region of the country is a virgin place! You will be able to observe exceptional fauna and flora. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a jungle tour. With luck, you will be able to admire some caimans and pink dolphins!

16. Caño Cristales

Colombia colored river Caño Cristales

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Sunsinger

Known as “the river that ran away from paradise”, Caño Cristales is located in La Macarena National Park. It is considered the most beautiful river in the world. Visiting Colombia and not seeing this magical place would be a mistake. You will be amazed by the mixture of the five colors which results from it.

17. San Andres and Providencia

Colombia caribbean turquoise sea Isla Providencia

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Larissa Chilanti

A world apart from Colombia, either geographically or culturally, these islands lie off the coast of Nicaragua in the Caribbean Sea. Providencia has the third largest barrier reef in the world and is without a doubt the best dive site in the country. Among the things to do and see in Colombia, these islands are certainly the most beautiful in the Caribbean area. Between the various dives, the countless fine sandy beaches and its Afro-Caribbean culture, these islands are poles apart from the rest of the country.

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