Discover the 5 most beautiful places to stay in Spain [2022-2023]

Spain is a very popular destination for the French. Indeed, this country being on the border with ours, it is easily accessible from our different regions in just a few hours. For the most remote regions, airlines offer flights  at attractive prices  to the most important Spanish cities. The problem is that everyone ends up in the same cities: Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, Madrid, Malaga, etc. It is therefore common to find yourself surrounded by a crowd of tourists and to hear French spoken everywhere around you…

It is for these reasons that it is good to sometimes get away from the big cities and find more natural places where you can really relax and enjoy the charm of Spain. For a short or long stay, here are 5 magnificent destinations in Spain.


  • 1. Beach of the Cathedrals – Galice
  • 2. Bardenas Reales-Navarre
  • 3. Beach of Silence – Asturias
  • 4. Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park
  • 5. Lanzarote, island of the Canary archipelago

1. Beach of the Cathedrals – Galice

In the municipality of Ribadeo by the Cantabrian Sea, in the northwest of the country, is the playa de las Catedrales or “the beach of the Cathedrals” in French. This beach is particularly known for its large arched cliffs . Despite the fact that this beach is the best known on the north coast, and therefore visited by many tourists, it retains an undeniable charm. To observe these arches, you will have to go there at low tide , because the beach is invisible the rest of the time. As you might have guessed, this beach is not ideal for swimming due to tides and tourists. But don’t panic, the region of Galicia is partly very wild, which will allow you to enjoy the rest of your vacation in peace, especially on almost desert beaches .

beach of the cathedrals, Spain
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

2. Bardenas Reales-Navarre

When we think of Spain, we often think of beaches and big cities, but there are also totally exotic arid areas ! One of the most beautiful deserts in Europe is located in Spain, and more specifically in the north, in Navarre , not far from the border with France. On 42,500 hectares , discover wild landscapes that are out of the ordinary and seem almost lunar. Lovers of nature, hiking or cycling will find themselves there! So, if you want to discover Spain like you’ve never seen it before, go to Barnedas Reales!

Barnedas Reales, Navarre
Credits: Wikipedia

3. Beach of Silence – Asturias

Located eighteen kilometers from Cudillero, a very charming coastal village, playa del Silencio (or “beach of silence” in English) is considered the most beautiful beach around. To get there, there is no other solution than walking. If you want to swim there, you will have to be very careful, because the beach and its waters are not supervised. In the surroundings, you will find many other beaches little visited by tourists . So, to spend a holiday lounging on beautiful beaches without too many tourists around you, we totally recommend this destination!

Discover the 5 most beautiful places to stay in Spain [2022-2023]
Credits: Flickr

4. Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park

Spain is also breathtaking mountain landscapes ! If you want to get away from the beaches crowded with tourists and find yourself in an incredible natural place, we recommend the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido. In the Pyrenean part of the province of Huesca, you can enjoy endless hiking trails, go climbing and even swim in one of the park’s lakes or streams! In short, this place is a small paradise for all people who largely prefer the calm of nature to the tumult of cities.

Ordesa National Park
Credits: Wikipedia

5. Lanzarote, island of the Canary archipelago

On the African coast, opposite southern Morocco, this island stands out thanks to its climate , its rocky landscapes and its beaches . Volcanic eruptions in the 1730s formed impressive landscapes on this island which has now become very touristy. Despite the large number of tourists who go there each year, you will find magnificent desert places  , especially outside school holiday periods. On the agenda:  relaxation and a change of scenery !

Lanzarote, Spain
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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