Discover the 6 Most Impressive Mayan Sites in Mexico

The Mayan civilization is one of the oldest in America. Their period is estimated at 2600 BC. AD to 1520 AD. This civilization is one of the most studied, and for good reason! It would be at the origin of many advances, particularly in mathematics, astronomy, agriculture, writing, art and architecture. There are also many traces of their past, including sometimes very impressive archaeological sites including pyramids. Many of them are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Many are found in Mexico, especially in the tropical regions of Yucatán and Quintana Roo. Here are the 6 must-see Mayan ruins in Mexico in Central America.


  • 1. Chichen Itza
  • 2.Uxmal
  • 3. Muyil
  • 4. Ek-Balam
  • 5. Coba
  • 6. Tulum

1. Chichen Itza

Also called El Castillo, Chichen Itza is a huge step pyramid built by the Mayas within lush nature. This site is in the middle of a tropical Mexican jungle and remains very well preserved despite tourism. Chichén Itzá has been one of the New Seven Wonders of the World since 2007. It is the most visited Mexican site by tourists on this list. The good news is that this building is located not far from the paradisiacal beaches of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. In addition, a cenote is located near this site, which makes it possible to visit these two places in the same day during a single excursion.

Mexico: Yucatàn, a wild region full of history
Credits: Pxhere


In the Yucatán Peninsula, find the Mayan city of Uxmal which was built during the Classic period. This place was at the time a powerful economic and political center of the region. Today, the archaeological site is one of the most remarkable in the region, thanks in particular to the architectural style of the Pyramid of the Diviner.

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Uxmal, Mexico
Credits: Pixabay

3. Muyil

Also called Chunyaxché, Muyil is a Mayan site located in the Quintana Roo region. This one is located just a few kilometers from Tulum. They were also connected under the control of the city of Coba. Muyil is made up of two sites, but only one is open to visitors. It deserves to be seen, because its main monument, El Castillo, is really beautiful and impressive!

Muyil, Mexico
Credits: Wikipedia

4. Ek-Balam

In Yucatán, about thirty kilometers from the city of Valliadolid, discover Ek-Balam, a site mapped since the 1980s only. Currently, archaeologists have not completed their work at Ek-Balam, which makes these Mayan ruins even more mysterious. This archaeological site therefore allows you to get off the beaten track during a stay in Mexico!

Discover the 6 Most Impressive Mayan Sites in Mexico
Credits: Flickr/Miguel Discart

5. Coba

Cobà is famous for its great pyramid. Indeed, it is the last Mayan ruin on which it is possible to walk and climb to the top. It is for this reason that the site is often crowded with tourists. We don’t encourage you to step on this piece of history… Although we know it’s very tempting, know that it damages the ruin! Despite this, the place is remarkable even from below.

Coba, Mexico
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

6. Tulum

Tulum est une ancienne cité maya construite sur la Riviera Maya pour prévenir les attaques venant de la mer. Ce site maya est incroyablement beau grâce aux ruines, à la végétation et à la plage. Ce n’est pas tant les ruines en elle-même qui rendent ce lieu impressionnant, mais surtout le cadre dans lequel elles se trouvent. Il est d’ailleurs possible de se se baigner dans l’océan turquoise, mais c’est encadré par des agents de préservation.

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Tulum, Mexico
Crédits : Wikipédia

Alors, lequel de ces sites mayas vous donne le plus envie ? Pendant un road-trip au Mexique, nous vous conseillons de vous diriger vers l’une ou plusieurs de ces merveilles. En effet, même si ce pays est une destination idéal pour le farniente, il est impressionnant et très intéressant de découvrir l’histoire du Mexique et la culture maya.

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