Discover the 7 places to visit if you go to Sweden

Sweden is a country in Northern Europe located in Scandinavia in the territory of the Vikings. Its capital is Stockholm and its inhabitants are called Swedes. Its official and majority language is Swedish. Finnish and Sami are also spoken, mainly in the north of the country. Regional variations are common. Sweden has a border with Norway to the west and another with Finland to the northeast. To the south, Sweden is separated from Denmark by the Øresund, a strait whose narrowest section is 4  KM wide. Northern Sweden is occupied by Lapland, called Sápmiby its inhabitants, the Sami, who were the first inhabitants of northern Scandinavia. Discover fir and birch forests, lakes and rivers, numerous castles and even the Baltic Sea to the east and the mountains to the west. Here are the 7 must-see sites in Sweden between cities and natural sites.


  • 1) Stockholm
  • 2) The Stockholm Archipelago
  • 3) Gothenburg
  • 4) Bohuslän
  • 5) Dalarna
  • 6) Umeå
  • 7) Lapland

1) Stockholm

Impossible to miss the capital of this Nordic country. Stockholm is rich in culture and nature. Located between the Baltic Sea and the mouth of Lake Mälaren, the city floats on 14 islands, which has earned it its nickname of Venice of the North. You can admire the contrast between modern districts and the more atypical old town and therefore juggle between shopping and relaxation surrounded by nature. Sit on the terrace of a café to enjoy a good hot tea with Nordic berries. Take the opportunity to take a walk in the open air and discover the royal palace. If you are very lucky, you may come across the royal family! If you don’t have the health or the motivation to do a walking tour, you can take a bus or the famous little tourist train. But don’t stop your stay at this city, many visits in the surrounding area are worth a detour! If you don’t like traditional tours, know that there is a tour that allows you to discover the street art of Stockholm.

Credits: Pixabay /Maramichelle

2) The Stockholm Archipelago

The best known island of the Stockholm archipelago is Vaxhölm. It is located one hour from the Swedish capital by boat (or by bus) to enjoy the great outdoors thanks to its many trails. Beautiful atypical houses will be waiting for you there. Weather permitting, the beach on the north coast is a great place to take a lunch break and go for a swim. It is thus part of the tourist visits not to be missed. The island can be visited all seasons, because you discover new things there every time. We therefore advise you to absolutely go there during your trip to Sweden!

Credits: Wikimedia commons / Arild Vågen

3) Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the second town of this Scandinavian country by the importance of its demographic weight as well as by its industry and its economic activities. The city is located halfway between Oslo and Copenhagen on the west coast, on the Göta älv river a few kilometers from its mouth in the Kattegat, which is ice-free during the winter. Its cultural diversity is incredible. It does not lack dynamism and modernity. At Christmas, the lights of this city will make you live a dream, especially in its historic center. This portends beautiful walks in town and good warm times.

Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Tony Webster

4) Bohuslän

The province of Bohuslän is home to around 20,000 rock carvings including those of Tanum dated to the early Bronze Age (1500–500 BC) and listed as UNESCO World Heritage. But not only ! If you want to be closer to the wilderness and the Norwegian border, you’ve come to the right place. Fjällbacka, Väderöarna, Tanumshede, Smögen and so many other places remain to be discovered! Walking, seafood tasting, camping and adventures await you. Do not hesitate to go to Bohuslän and visit its surroundings.

Credits: wiki/Maxlove/fisherman’s town

5) Dalarna

Dalecarlia (or Dalarna in Swedish) is the center of Sweden, it is the cultural cradle of Sweden, where the Swedes go to spend their holidays, and where traditions are still very present. You will be able to see typical Swedish houses in the red color of Falun (a large town in the region which has the largest copper mine in the world and which was for a long time a major economy for Sweden), but also vast hills, large pine and birch forests, lakes, including the famous Lake Siljan. Typical villages of the region are to be visited! Many campsites are located in Dalarna, so you can visit and discover the region, but also swim and practice water sports or simply rest.

Discover the 7 places to visit if you go to Sweden
Credits : Wikimedia Commons/Tomiwoj

6) Umeå

Umeå was the European Capital of Culture in 2014. Many events and exhibitions have been set up as much to discover the region as its inhabitants, as well as the Sami people and their culture. It is a student city and therefore very dynamic. Located on the Baltic coast, the city of Umeå is the gateway to Lapland. It is even possible to do dog sledding and many other winter Nordic activities are to be discovered. With a little luck, you may have the opportunity to observe the magnificent Northern Lights.

Credits: Flickr/Calle Lidström

7) Lapland

Swedish Lapland is pure nature near the Arctic Circle. You can admire endless forests, mountains, lakes and the taiga further north. In common with Norway and Finland, it is the land of reindeer, Santa Claus and the Sami, an indigenous people who have lived here for centuries. The winter is long and the night endless, you can admire all kinds of blue-green colors in the sky. Summer is also very long, a good idea for those who sleep little, because the sun will be present 24 hours a day with orange colors that will amaze you. This is called the midnight sun. Above all, do not forget to cover up during your trip to Lapland, because the temperatures can often be very unpleasant… On the other hand, you will not have time to get bored there, because many experiences allow you to enjoy places such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, beautiful hikes, etc. Some tourist offices also offer all-inclusive packages.

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Credits: Pixabay / MartinStr

To discover the country, do not hesitate to stay in a youth hostel. With a bit of luck, you will meet foreigners on the loose who will offer you a drink and get to know each other.

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