Discover the 8 most beautiful monuments of Moscow

The capital of Russia is known for its unique monuments in the world. When one thinks of Russia, certain mental images appear. Colorful onion-domed steeples are often a part of this. If you are about to visit this country, some buildings are unmissable and well worth the detour! Here are 8 specifically in Moscow. You will find the same type of architecture in other Russian cities such as Saint Petersburg.

Although some buildings in the Russian capital are less impressive than others, they all have great emotional and historical significance for Russians. In any case, you are likely to be amazed by Moscow, the Third Rome.


  • 1. The Kremlin
  • 2. Basil-the-Blessed Cathedral
  • 3. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior
  • 4. Novodevichy Convent
  • 5. The State Historical Museum
  • 6. The Bolshoi Theater
  • 7. Lenin’s Mausoleum
  • 8. Kitai-city

1. The Kremlin

The Kremlin does not go unnoticed in the heart of the city of Moscow. It can be considered as the historical center. It is a large fortress of 27 hectares which contains many of the most important monuments of the city. You will find cathedrals, museums and palaces, including the presidential residence. If you were to see only one site in Moscow, it is this one that we would recommend to you with its neighbor the Basil-the-Blessed Cathedral. Indeed, this site is very representative of Russian architecture and Moscow culture.

2. Basil-the-Blessed Cathedral

This monument is certainly the best known in the country. And it is very representative of traditional Russian architecture. Located on the famous Red Square a few meters from the Moscow Kremlin, the Basil-the-Blessed Cathedral was inaugurated in 1561. And it is far from those we know. With its rounded shapes like bulbs and its flamboyant colors, it’s hard to pass by without stopping there. Take the time to observe the exterior of this Orthodox church, but also to visit the interior and its nine chapels.

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Basil the Blessed Cathedral, Moscow

Credits: Pxhere

3. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

This building was built for the first time between 1899 and 1883 in honor of the victory of the country against Napoleon I in 1812. Then it was rebuilt more recently between 1995 and 2000, because the old one had been destroyed under the regime. of Stalin. Even though this building is relatively new, it is identical to its ancestor. In addition to the steeped history of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, its architecture is remarkable and worth taking a look at.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow
Credits: Pixabay

4. Novodevichy Convent

Also known as the Bogoroditse-Smolenski Monastery, this monument is a little further from the city center. Built in 1524 and practically unchanged since, it has crossed the times and the history of its country. This monastery has long been considered the richest and most prestigious in the country. Moreover, many Russian personalities rest in its cemetery.

5. The State Historical Museum

The State Historical Museum in Moscow is a red building located in Red Square. It was built in 1872 Its traditional architecture fits perfectly with the rest of the city, in particular thanks to its red bricks. As its name suggests, this museum specializes in the history of Russia and its capital. You will therefore be able to discover Russian art and culture in all their splendour.

State Historical Museum, Moscow
Credits: Pxhere

6. The Bolshoi Theater

Moscow’s most famous theater hosts prestigious performances. On the program: plays, ballets, opera, etc. This building which has been renovated several times has become a symbol of Russia. However, its architecture is less traditional in the country and is closer to Roman architecture.

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Discover the 8 most beautiful monuments of Moscow
Credits: Pixabay

7. Lenin’s Mausoleum

Glued to the Kremlin, this monument has a strong emotional importance for the country. Indeed, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin rests inside since his death in 1924. Even if this monument is certainly not the most impressive in Moscow, it is still worth a visit, to better feel the history and culture of the country. through that of revolutionary and first leader of the Soviet Union.

Mausoleum of Lenin
Credits: Flickr

8. Kitai-city

Kitai-gorod is a district of Moscow. It is famous not only because it is one of the oldest in the capital, but also for its narrow streets surrounded by colorful churches. So don’t forget to stop by during your visit to Moscow in order to continue to be amazed and disoriented by Russian culture.

Visa advice for traveling to Moscow and Russia

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Has this foretaste of Moscow’s marvels whetted your appetite for a trip to Russia? Rest assured if you know all the monuments listed in our article, because many other curiosities and treasures dot the capital. And if we reveal all its secrets to you, what surprise will remain in the Moscow matryoshka?

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