Canada is a perfect destination for all lovers of nature and wide open spaces. Despite the fact that there are very large cities in this country, it is very easy to move away from them in order to find clean air and more tranquility. National parks are places conducive to calm, sport, but also to the discovery of fauna and flora. In summer as in winter, you will experience extraordinary adventures. We have prepared a selection of the best parks to discover in Canada in order to facilitate the organization of your next trip to caribou country.


  • 1. Banff National Park
  • 2. Jasper National Park of Canada
  • 3. Yoho National Park of Canada
  • 4. Kluane National Park and Reserve
  • 5. Auyuittuq National Park
  • 6. Wood Buffalo National Park of Canada
  • 7. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve
  • 8. Glacier National Park

1. Banff National Park

Banff National Park, located in the province of Alberta , is certainly Canada’s most iconic park. It is also the oldest national park in the country. In the Rocky Mountains, lakes, forests and glaciers form breathtaking landscapes. In this nature as far as the eye can see, it is not difficult to feel cut off from the world. If there is a park to visit during a stay in Canada, it is this one. If you want to know more about Banff National Park, we have dedicated an article to this little corner of paradise.

Banff National Park, Canada
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2. Jasper National Park of Canada

Also in the province of Alberta , about an hour’s drive from Banff Park, is Jasper National Park of Canada. With an area of ​​10,878 km², it is the largest national park in the country. As you walk there, you will discover imposing landscapes with forests, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, but also the great glaciers of the Columbia Icefield , because the park is located in the Rockies. Many species of wildlife inhabit Canada Jasper. You will find there, in particular, black bear, grizzly bear, caribou, mountain goat and mouflon.

parc national Canada Jasper
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3. Yoho National Park of Canada

Also in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, British Columbia, this park is as beautiful and impressive as the previous ones. Yoho National Park of Canada is ideal in summer and winter to practice sports while marveling at magical landscapes. A wide variety of animals also live in this park. So with a bit of luck, you might be able to spot a few.

Yoho National Park of Canada
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4. Kluane National Park and Reserve

Founded in 1972 and 1976, these two places are located in the southwest of the wild territory of Yukon. These are made up of vast valleys, forests, ice fields and mountains. Covering 21,980 km², this totally wild territory is both magnificent and dangerous. Indeed, it is not recommended to venture there alone without a guide and without taking certain precautions.

Kluane, Canada

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5. Auyuittuq National Park

Auyuittuq or “the land that never melts” is a territory formed by fjords and glaciers. In this park, you will find not only incredible panoramas, but also a very diversified fauna and flora.

Auyuittuq, Canada
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6. Wood Buffalo National Park of Canada

If you’ve always dreamed of seeing buffaloes in their wild habitat, head to Canada Wood in the northeast of the province of Alberta. In addition to that, you can venture into a river with saline waters and why not practice kayaking there. This national park is home to whooping cranes, the largest, but also the rarest bird in the world. With a bit of luck, you might be able to see some. This park is therefore the ideal destination for wildlife lovers, but also for wilderness hikers.

Canada Wood Buffalo
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7. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

In British Columbia, on the Pacific coast of Canada, the Pacific Rim National Park and its reserve are very touristic places. And for good reason, it is possible to practice many activities there (surfing, fishing, hiking, kayaking, etc.) in a magnificent setting!

Pacific Rim, Canada
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8. Glacier National Park

Still British Columbia, this national park was established in 1886 in the Columbia Mountain Range. Parc national de Glaciers will meet the expectations of all those who love the mountains and long, beautiful hikes in the heart of nature.

Glacier National Park, Canada
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