Discover the 9 places not to miss in Scotland

Scotland! Its sumptuous landscapes , its many monuments, its culture, its history and its whisky… A little desire to travel to Scottish lands? Here is a list of the 10 places you absolutely must visit during your trip to Scotland. On a solo trip, with friends or family, you will love it!


  • 1/ Le Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews
  • 2/ Loch Lomond
  • 3/ Loch Ness
  • 4/ The Isle of Arran
  • 5/ The city of Stirling
  • 6/ Edinburgh Castle
  • 7/ The Isle of Skye
  • 8/ The Highlands
  • 9/ Eilean Donan Island and its castle

1/ Le Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews

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Every golfer’s dream! Considered the cradle of the sport, the Saint-Andrews club is one of the oldest golf courses in the world. Its atmosphere and its proximity to the Scottish coast make the place unique, with a landscape that is very symbolic of Scotland. Golf sometimes hosts professional golf competitions, where the stars of the sport meet and compete (Scottish Open, British Open). Apart from golf, the town of Sait-Andrews also offers beautiful historical visits; the old cathedral of Saint-Andrews, with its cemetery sheltering certain personalities of the golf, and also beautiful houses with the colors and emblematic architectures of Scotland.

2/ Loch Lomond

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Loch Lomond is considered Scotland’s largest loch. Located north of Glasgow and descending westwards into the sea, this splendid lake offers sumptuous landscapes, with a variety of forests, mountains and viewpoints thanks to the paths that surround it. Loch Lemond will offer you very beautiful walks, hikes or cycles, and an unforgettable memory of the true face of Scottish nature. It would be a shame to miss out on an exceptional place like this during your getaway to Scotland!

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3/ Loch Ness

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Impossible to go to Scotland without visiting one of its most famous places! Loch Ness crosses the whole country and is the second largest loch in the country, after Loch Lemond seen previously. The Loch is renowned for its ancient Urquhart Castle, which is open to visitors and offers magnificent views over Loch Ness. But everyone knows the Loch thanks to its famous legendary creature, the Loch Ness Monster, Nessie! Hoaxes, urban legends and scientific analyzes circulate to make believe in the existence of the Monster. It’s up to you to discover Loch Ness, and who knows, to meet the Monster?…

4/ The Isle of Arran

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During your trip to Scotland, go to this small island in the southwest of Scotland, which is nicknamed “Scotland in miniature”. It offers magnificent panoramas. Mountains, long sandy beaches, castles, moors stretching as far as the eye can see, the Isle of Arran offers a summary of all of Scotland over 432 km². Goat Fell Mountain and Brodick Castle are also two nice places to visit on this island.

5/ The city of Stirling

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Between Glasgow and Edinburgh is the old town of Stirling, a historic Scottish town where two very important battles took place: the Battle of Bannockburn, where the Scotsman Robert I of Scotland defeated the English in 1314, and the Battle of Bridge of Stirling, a war of Scottish independence won by William Wallace in 1297, the legendary Scottish warrior. The Bannockburn Heritage Center features many exhibits to pay homage to this historic period for the country. There is also the Wallace Monument, erected in honor of William Wallace in 1869, which offers a sublime panorama over the whole of this historic region. The monument would even contain artifacts that would have belonged to Wallace himself! Do not forget to do your shopping in this city,

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6/ Edinburgh Castle

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The most famous castle in the country, placed on the hill which dominates the whole city, is a regularly visited monument. The place is rich in history, as it traces the destiny of the Kingdom of Scotland, its many wars, its domination, its power. The beautiful bronze statues of William Wallace and Robert I at the entrance to the place plunge you into a majestic atmosphere. A place not to be missed!

7/ The Isle of Skye

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Located in the northwest of the country, the Isle of Skye is full of magnificent landscapes, and has a very Scottish atmosphere, very symbolic. Its rustic villages, imposing mountains and vast valleys make the island a perfect place for hiking and taking in the fresh air. We find in the north of the island the monolith of the Old Man of Storr, which offers a magnificent panorama on different lochs, the island, and the sea!

8/ The Highlands

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This region, which makes up almost the entire northern part of the country, will seduce you with its refreshing landscapes, its Scottish atmosphere, and its mountains stretching as far as the eye can see. The Highlands contain several small lochs, where it will be easy to stop to contemplate panoramas unique and very specific to Scotland.

9/ Eilean Donan Island and its castle

Discover the 9 places not to miss in Scotland
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You may have already seen this castle in some cult films, such as The Great Revolt, or even Highlander. The island of Eilean Dolan and its castle, located in the northwest of the country, in the heart of the Highlands, offers a breathtaking view of Loch Duich. But the castle can be visited, and traces the history of several conflicts between Scottish clans, but also between Vikings and English. A castle with imposing ramparts, which once again tells a piece of Scottish history.

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To make the experience even better, we advise you to rent a rental car, a caravan or a motorhome. Scotland is ideal for road-trips, so go for it! In particular, you can experience wild camping off the beaten track if you feel like it. Yes, it is not really a destination suitable for idleness! After traveling through the country, you may have come across cows, shetlands, sheep or even ghosts.

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