Discover the beautiful state of Baja California Sur in Mexico

Much less frequented than the west, the Pacific coast of Mexico holds many pleasant surprises for its visitors. It is the perfect destination for lovers of beautiful landscapes and idleness. In this article, discover the state of Baja California Sur, between turquoise waters and arid lands.

Mexico is a beautiful country with incredible wealth. Its history, culture and landscapes offer a unique identity to the world that is highly appreciated by tourists. This time we’re heading northwest to Mexico to experience what is perhaps one of the most idyllic places in the world. Here are some must-sees in this destination that might make you want to hop on the next plane to La Paz, one of the big cities in this Mexican state.


Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is the main tourist destination in this Mexican region. Indeed, this place has everything to please with its many beaches and dreamy settings. Its main beach, Playa El médano is very lively with many restaurants and outdoor bars. Other beaches are wilder and allow you to cut yourself off from the world. Also, you can discover the main tourist monument of Baja California Sur, namely El Archo, a famous rock arch. You will appreciate the charm of Cabo San Lucas to practice water sports, discover fantastic marine fauna or simply enjoy exotic panoramas.

Discover the beautiful state of Baja California Sur in Mexico


The state capital of Baja California Sur is a must-see on a trip to this part of Mexico. We therefore advise you not to skip your route if you land in this city. Much less famous than some tourist destinations in Baja California, this one attracts fewer people. In addition to being less crowded, La Paz often attracts people who are more responsible for preserving the environment and cultures, which makes it possible to enjoy a more local atmosphere. This city located on the edge of the ocean appeals to both surfers and marine wildlife enthusiasts. Indeed, it is possible to discover many incredible species such as whales and whale sharks.

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San Jose del Cabo

Presented in 2017 by Tripadvisor as the favorite destination for adventurers, San Jose del Cabo continues to please. Located on the southern tip of the state, this city seduces its visitors thanks to its exceptional setting, but also its many art galleries.

San Jose del Cabo, Mexique

All Saints

At the foot of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains, this small coastal town owes its charm to its isolation and exceptional setting. Many travelers decide to lock themselves in their hotel to enjoy the good weather, the beach and the swimming pool, but we strongly advise you to discover the rest of the city. As you walk through this small coastal oasis, you will find many very pleasant elements representative of the rest of the country.

Cabo Pulmo National Park

This natural area is one of the most important in terms of heritage. Indeed, this almost deserted area is less visited than the rest of the region, so it is possible to rest there in peace and to practice certain activities such as hiking, navigation, diving, kayaking, etc. In this natural park, you can observe the only living coral reef in North America and therefore many unique marine species.

Cabo Pulmo, Mexico


Loreto is a very traditional town in Mexico located by the ocean. Founded in 1697 by the Jesuit Juan Maria Salvaterra, you can see large colonial buildings here that have now been transformed into shops, homes and hotels. Like many towns in Baja California Sur, art has a big presence in Loreto. You will therefore discover a culture halfway between the traditional religious and the modern thanks to art and the tourist influence.

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Loreto, Mexico

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