Discover the beauty of Chittorgarh Fort in India

In the state of Rajasthan also called “ the land of kings ” is one of the largest Indian forts. Chittorgarh Fort is renowned for the beauty of its architecture which seems unreal and worthy of the most beautiful film sets. And even if it is falling into ruins today, it is still impressive. Discover this jewel in the heart of India listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A city that represents courage and sacrifice

Located on a hill nearly 400 meters above sea level, Chittorgarh is also sometimes called the “city of devotion and strength”. Many battles have indeed marked its history. Moreover, many monuments on the site were built to reinforce the fort following these fights or to celebrate victories. For example, this is the case of the Vijay Stambha tower built in 1440.

The city of Chittorgarh is the former capital of the Rajputs of the Mewar region in Rajasthan. This would have been built during the 7th century by the Mori clan. But over the years and centuries, other clans took over this city and made it a capital.

Some important facts about Chittorgarh

The first  famous battle to take  place there was caused by the Sultan of Delhi in 1303 . Indeed, he wanted to seize Princess Padmini , of whom he had heard about her for her extraordinary beauty. This story ended badly since the princess set herself on fire at the same time as the rest of the women of the fort. This voluntary custom called jauhar  allowed the wives of warriors to avoid deportation and slavery by enemies. The men went to the front and all died. Only the deans and the children survived.

In  1568 , another major battle took place between the Rajputs of the Mewar region and the Mughal Emperor Akbar . Following the defeat of Mewar, the capital was moved to the city of Udaipur. Over time, the city of Chittorgarh lost its political importance and the population abandoned it.

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But the city and the fort are not only associated with bloody battles. The poetess Mirabaï who wrote the famous poems and songs in honor of the god Krishna also marked the place. A temple is even dedicated to him in the city.

Chittorgarh, Rajasthan India
Credits: Pixabay

A place that fascinates all types of audiences

For several centuries, this fort has inspired many artists, whether poets, painters or writers. At a time when mass tourism has developed all around the world, visitors from all over the world are eager to come and visit and admire this architectural masterpiece. This site lost in the middle of the vegetation has some rather well preserved monuments. In fact, it is still possible to see sculptures and moldings there. The fort and the city of Chittorgarh are therefore unavoidable in the State of Rajasthan, but also in India. Visiting these sites and monuments will take you back in time. Thus, you will have the impression of finding yourself in another world for a few hours…

Discover the beauty of Chittorgarh Fort in India
Credits: Flickr/ Ramnat Bhat

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