Discover the best beaches in Tanzania

Located on the edge of the Indian Ocean and made up of many islands, Tanzania is full of magnificent beaches. Fine sand, turquoise water and coconut palms, not to mention the wealth of marine life, the beaches of Tanzania definitely have it all. Get out your hat and sunscreen, we’ll take you on a trip to the most beautiful Tanzanian beaches!


  • A beach holiday in Tanzania after a safari
  • The best beaches in Tanzania: on the coast
    • Jimbizi beach
    • Sange and Ushungo beaches
  • The most beautiful beaches in Tanzania: on the Zanzibar archipelago
    • Jambiani beach
    • Paje beach in Tanzania
    • Matemwe Beach
    • The beaches of Pemba Island
  • Other beaches in Tanzania: on the islands
    • Utende Beach on Mafia Island
    • Fanjove Island

A beach holiday in Tanzania after a safari

After a safari in the national parks , we always suggest that our travelers end their stay with one last stop: the beach!

In Tanzania, the beaches are so beautiful that it would be a shame to miss them. But that’s not their only asset. Remote and calm for the most part, they will allow you to rest after your stay in the heart of the bush.

It’s a safari can be tiring! You will have to get up early, before dawn, because that is when the wild animals of Tanzania are active . And to see the predators, you will have to go to bed late. Because it is during the night that lions and hyenas leave to hunt their prey.

So to catch up on your sleep and come back from your trip to Tanzania full of energy, nothing better than a few relaxing days by the ocean. We tell you everything about the most beautiful beaches in the country!

The best beaches in Tanzania: on the coast

Jimbizi beach

It is in the port city of Kilwa Masoko, on the south coast of Tanzania, that we find Jimbizi beach . Its fine sand, dotted with a few baobabs, is the ideal place for a day of relaxation under the sun. On the ocean side, its warm water offers a most pleasant swim. Take advantage of your stay in the region to go on an excursion to the neighboring island of Kilwa Kisiwani . This treasure is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its Swahili ruins.

Sange and Ushungo beaches

Direction to the North of the Tanzanian coast! Located between the city of Pangani and the Saadani National Park, Sange beach is difficult to access. This situation makes it one of the best kept secrets in the country. If you like quiet places, this is the place to go. You can relax on its white sandbanks, venture into the mangroves and swim in its warm waters. Keep an eye out, a few dolphins are regularly seen there!

Not far from there, the Tanzanian beach of Ushungo also offers a relaxing setting with a backdrop of many coconut trees.

The most beautiful beaches in Tanzania: on the Zanzibar archipelago

Jambiani beach

Time sometimes seems to stand still at Jambiani . Located about 1 hour from Stone Town , this fishing village is the most authentic of Zanzibar.

At high tide, the local fishermen take to the open sea aboard their dhow. This is also the perfect time for a relaxing swim in the Indian Ocean.

At low tide, seaweed growers are busy on the beach, while walkers find some sea creatures left there by the waves on the sand.

tanzania jambiani beaches

Paje beach in Tanzania

The neighboring village, namely Paje , enjoys the same sweetness of life as Jambiani. Its beach is a pretty palette of colors, with shades of white, turquoise and emerald. Fishermen and seaweed farmers also live here and give the village its authentic charm. But Paje is best known for having the best beach in Tanzania for kitesurfing. Thrill seekers, now you know where to go!

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Matemwe Beach

Matemwe Beach is located north of Unguja, the main island of Zanzibar. Its lagoon and its turquoise waters are still preserved by tourism. Thus, Matemwe is one of the most famous spots on the island for diving and snorkeling. To your masks and snorkels!

In Tanzania, Matemwe Beach is also the starting point for excursions to Mnemba Atoll . A pearl of the Indian Ocean not to be missed. Around this islet, you can swim among many tropical fish and maybe even spot dolphins.

tanzania matemwe beaches

The beaches of Pemba Island

Nicknamed “the green island”, Pemba is covered with lush vegetation and hiking trails. It is the green lung of the Zanzibar archipelago.

On the sea side, its white sand beaches are very uncrowded. The island of Pemba is thus an ideal destination to relax away from it all. Among its Tanzanian beaches, we can mention Mbuyuni Beach as well as Wumavimbi Beach.

Still in Pemba, discover Misali Island . In addition to its heavenly beaches, this jewel is part of a protected conservation area in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Snorkeling and diving are highly recommended here. You can observe rays, turtles, schools of colorful fish, as well as a multitude of aquatic species.

Tanzania Misali island beaches

Other beaches in Tanzania: on the islands

Utende Beach on Mafia Island

Mafia Island is, like Pemba, a destination untouched by tourism.

About 50% of its coastline is part of the huge Mafia Island protected marine park. It is a true aquatic paradise! Utende beach , south of Mafia, is at the heart of this preserved natural area. It is without a doubt the prettiest beach on the island.

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On its shimmering sand, local fishermen’s dhows are waiting to set sail. Some can take you on board for snorkeling in the surrounding reefs. You can dive among hundreds of species of fish, sea turtles, but also with rare dugongs. Mafia Island is also famous for being a prime spot for observing whale sharks.

mafia island beach

Fanjove Island

Fanjove Island is another treasure of Tanzania. It is located south of Mafia Island, 140km off Dar es Salaam, and is part of the Songo-Songo archipelago.

His particuliarity ? It is a private island where only twelve travelers are allowed at a time.

The tranquility and exclusivity of the island go hand in hand with its beauty… Pristine beaches and turquoise waters that you will only share with marine species. Colorful fish, green turtles, dolphins and whales will be your only neighbours! Fanjove is also the island of a thousand possible, you can observe whales there, venture into its mangroves in a kayak, go diving, enjoy a sunset aboard a sailboat, and bask in the sun.

In terms of accommodation, six bandas (that is to say “hut” in Swahili) with a view of the ocean are installed along the main beach. They are placed at a good distance from each other to guarantee your privacy. You will never want to leave Tanzania again!

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