Tourism in Algeria is considered one of the most beautiful tourist experiences in the North African region, as this destination embraces many tourist attractions, which vary between beaches, mountains, deserts, museums and historical sites dating back to the Andalusian era and the Phoenician eras. 

The best tourism cities in Algeria

Constantine city

Constantinople city

The Algerian city of Bridges, built on hard limestone, is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Algeria, thanks to its prehistoric landmarks. And embroidery with gold threads, some of which tourists are keen to buy as souvenirs when they return to their country.

Ghardaia city

Ghardaia city

The city of Ghardaia, which has a desert nature, possesses a group of rare terrain in the north of the Algerian desert. This city is famous for its fascinating beauty, which attracts tourists from everywhere to see its palaces and archaeological sites dating back thousands of years. Therefore, the city of Ghardaia is classified among the best tourism cities in Algeria.

Annaba city

The Algerian city of Annaba is considered one of the most beautiful tourism cities in Algeria. This coastal city in northeastern Algeria has a group of distinctive tourist areas. Annaba is also famous for having the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, in addition to the spread of grape trees in all its regions.

Tlemcen city

Tlemcen is the city of religion and history in Algeria, and the second most important city in Algeria after the city of Oran. And olives without buying some handicrafts made of leather and textiles, where Tlemcen is famous for the presence of these crafts in abundance.

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The city of Oran

The city of Oran

The city of Oran is of great importance among the tourism cities in Algeria, as this city combines the French architectural style and the Andalusian style, and its streets are vibrant, and filled with many shops and shopping places. Al-Basha is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in the city of Oran.

The city of Algiers


The capital, Algiers, is one of the most beautiful tourism cities in Algeria. It contains two sections, one of which is modern, and the other is archaeological. The city of Algiers also contains a variety of world-famous tourist places such as the shrine of the martyr, the Kasbah, the Bardo Museum of Algeria, the Algerian Army Museum, and the Ben Aknoun National Park. .

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