Discover the breathtaking Lençois Maranhenses desert, Brazil

Brazil is famous for its lively cities, but also for its incredibly rich nature . Among the must-see places in this country, the Lençois Maranhenses National Park undeniably stands out from the others. In reality, few people expect to see such a desert when visiting Brazil. Discover in this article the particularities of this natural site and why it is so worth the detour.

A white desert and crystal clear waters close to the ocean

In the northeast region of Brazil, the Lençois Maranhenses, a park of more than 155,000 hectares , seems unreal. It is difficult to describe its beauty as it is incredible. It is a gigantic desert which is characterized by a very light, even white color and by huge natural pools ranging from a striking blue to a tender green.  Barreirinhas is the nearest town and the main gateway to this park. If you want to venture to the Lençois Maranhenses, we advise you to stay in this city, then go on an expedition from early morning until sunset.

Lençois Maranhenses desert, Brazil
Credits: Unsplash

To discover this unique place, it is best to go there between June and September . During this period, the weather and temperatures are generally pleasant and allow swimming in the small freshwater lagoons present in this desert. Going to this desert thus promises a moment of adventure, but also of well-being, in particular thanks to the small piabinhas, small fish present in the waters which devour small dead skin.

An ecosystem still preserved from mass tourism

At present, few visitors venture into this natural park. It therefore escapes mass tourism for the moment and this is certainly a very good thing for its ecosystem. Indeed, too regular visitors could harm the richness of this environment, but also scare away the few animal species living in the Lençois Maranhenses.

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Discover the breathtaking Lençois Maranhenses desert, Brazil
Credits: Unsplash/David Emrich

Apart from this majestic desert, the Lençois Maranhenses region also reserves other beautiful surprises such as greener landscapes with dense forests. There are many animal species, including magnificent birds and small monkeys. Also, the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean are impressive in contrast to the desert. It is also possible to discover small fishing villages and many sportsmen come to enjoy this great setting!

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