Located north of the Italian Alps, the Dolomites chain offers sumptuous panoramas. It has no less than 18 peaks culminating at more than 3000 m altitude. Characterized by several geographical and geological factors, the Dolomites are an ideal place for trail running, hiking and all nature lovers!

The Dolomites massif covers an area of ​​141,903 hectares and its many varied landscapes offer unique hikes in Europe. Indeed, there are many peaks, cliffs, narrow valleys, pinnacles and walls that make up this magnificent mountain range. The environment of the Dolomites is constantly changing with frequent avalanches, floods and landslides.

chain of the Dolomites
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The very varied look of the different massifs sculpted by time in different ways gives the landscape an incredible beauty. The diversity of colors and appearances of the landscape has always fascinated man. Thus, many hikers are curious to contemplate or climb these Italian ramparts. Considered one of the most beautiful mountainous reliefs in the world, the site was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009.

chain of the Dolomites
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Moreover, the place is often analyzed by geologists. The composition of the limestone rocks makes it possible to reconstruct the history of the Alps, the formation of the massifs, from the Triassic era to the time of the Tethys ocean, the alpine ocean. So the site is very important to the geological community. It is one of the places on Earth where the most limestone rocks are found. This makes it possible to effectively analyze the mountainous formations of the Earth. In addition, there is also a mountainous ecosystem typical of the Alps and in particular a fauna and flora that will be easy to observe during your walks. In addition, many hiking trails allow you to enjoy the mountains on foot or by bike. Thus, you can take a breath of fresh air while contemplating this mountain wonder.

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