Discover the city of Mostar and its old bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Impossible to miss the city of Mostar during a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. This city is very famous for its old bridge “Stari Most” which has become the emblem of the country. Discover the history of the city, as well as all the charm of Mostar and its scenery in this article.


  • The history of the city and Stari Most
  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site, but still under tension
  • An equally exciting region

The history of the city and Stari Most

If today Mostar is such a charming city, it is important to know that its history is not all rosy. Located in the Neretv Valley , west of the capital Sarajevo, it once served as an Ottoman border . Many peoples have lived in these places over the decades, which is why it is possible to observe different architectural styles . This city has long been a multicultural symbol since Croats, Serbs and Bosnians lived there before the war. The famous Stari Most bridge was designed by the architect Mimar Hayreddin and built in 1565 . Unfortunately, the conflicts of the 1990sdestroyed many buildings in the old town, including this famous bridge. For a very long time and until recently, this was a border. On one side was Bosnia and on the other Croatia.

Mostar Bridge
Credits: Unsplash/ Anton Sharov

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, but still under tension

It was only in 2004 that Stari Most was rebuilt identically with the help of UNESCO and appeals for donations. Similarly, some historic buildings have been rebuilt. The reconstruction of this bridge had a historical stake, but also a geopolitical one since it was also a question of bringing together the two communities who lived on both sides of the Neretva river . Despite all the efforts to reconcile these peoples, official reconciliation is obviously not for today or tomorrow.

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Despite these conflicts, Mostar is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina for its location, its architecture, but also its history. This is why we advise you to go to this city and observe its charm and its atmosphere.

An equally exciting region

For a full day full of emotions, we advise you to go to the Kravica waterfalls located about fifty kilometers from Mostar. Indeed, it is possible to visit these two sites in the same day.

Kravica waterfalls
Credits: Flickr/Mario Fajt

Kravica is an absolutely magical place since it combines relief, vegetation and water. In addition to being a delight for the eyes, it is possible to take advantage of the coolness of the waters of the waterfalls during a pleasant little swim. The national park in which the Kravica waterfalls are located is one of the great must-sees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, so it would be silly to miss it!

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