Oran is a city among the Wilayas of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria located in western Algeria, bordered to the west by the state of Ain Temouchent, to the east by the state of Mostaganem, to the southwest by the state of Sidi Bel Abbes, and to the southeast by the state of Mascara, and the state of Oran rises about 60 meters above sea level It is also located in latitude 691.35 degrees north and is located at longitude 642.0 degrees west. It is also located on the Gulf of Oran, west of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second most important and largest city in Algeria, with an area of ​​2114 square kilometers. Among the most important municipalities in the wilaya of Oran are the municipality of Bir El Djir, the municipality of El Sania, the municipality of Ain el-Turk and the municipality of Al-Mursi Al-Kabeer.

Oran, Algeria

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An overview of the province of Oran, Algeria

  • its climate

It has a traditional climate with mild winters and dry summers.

  • its inhabitants

After conducting a study on the nature of its population in 2007, it was found that the current population of the state is 78% of Berber and Middle Eastern origin. As for the population in 2010, it was 852,000 people.

  •  its history

It was founded in 902 AD by two Andalusian sailors, Muhammad bin Abdoun and Muhammad bin Abu Aoun, with the support of the princes of Cordoba. The Almoravids in 1081 AD, then moved to become under the rule of the state of Bani Abd al-Wad, then under the rule of the Hafsids, then under the rule of the Marinids, then under the rule of the Zayanites, which represented them the state of Oran, the most important commercial port and port of the Zayan state on the Mediterranean Sea, then the Spaniards managed to control the city In the year 1509 AD, then according to a treaty that took place between the Bey Muhammad bin Othman, nicknamed Muhammad the Great, and King Charles IV on September 12, 1792 AD, the Spanish rule of the city ended and it became a state under Ottoman rule, then the city entered under French rule after the bey Hassan abdicated it on January 4 In the year 1831 AD, then the Algerian liberation revolution began on the 1st of NovemberIn 1954 AD, the struggle and jihad against the French occupation began. On July 5, 1962, all the cities of Algeria were celebrating independence, but the state had a massive massacre called the massacre of 62, and at this time it became an independent Algerian city, and the first president of the republic was Ben Bella.

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  •  Oran Province today

It is a major port and a commercial center and has two universities, the University of Science and Technology and the University of Sania. In terms of sports, there are many football teams in the state, the most important of which are the MC Oran team, then the Oran Association team, then the Oran Union team, then the Mediouni team in Oran and in the state many neighborhoods such as Hamri neighborhood and Messar Ghain neighborhood Al-Mursi neighborhood, the great neighborhood, and the neighborhood of Sidi Al-Hawari.

  •  Transportation

That state is connected with the Algerian states by a railway, and its port is connected to the ports of European cities, and you can reach El Sania Airport (Oran International Airport) from anywhere in the world.

Tourism in Oran

There are many, many tourist attractions that you can enjoy visiting there, including:

1- Bey Palace

Bey Palace

At the end of the seventeenth century, the great Bey Muhammad established a new area and called it Al-Zarb and established this beautiful palace, which was his residence, which you can visit at any time and enjoy its wonderful view.

2- Santa Cruz Castle

Santa Cruz Castle

One of the most important tourist and archaeological attractions there is built on Mount Marjago. It has a charm and a stunning view. If it is above the mountain and overlooks the Gulf of Oran and the Mediterranean Sea, you can visit it and enjoy its special charm at any time.

3- Oran Cathedral

Oran Cathedral

It was built between 1904 to 1913 AD and has a Roman-Byzantine character. It was converted into a public library in 1996 AD, which you can visit and enjoy reading the valuable books owned by the library.

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4- November 1st Square

1st November Square, Oran

Aoul Oran Square is considered the beating heart of the wilaya and was built primarily in memory of the Algerian bull against the French occupation. It is a wonderful shrine that you can go to and enjoy watching.

5- The Great Temple of Oran

Great Temple of Oran

It was built in 1918 AD, and it is a Jewish temple after the Algerian revolution and the independence of Algeria in 1963 AD. The temple was converted into a mosque and named Abdullah bin Salam Mosque. You can visit it and perform prayers in it.

6- Regional theatre

regional theater

This distinguished building was designed according to the European style. It is considered one of the most high-quality cultural centers in Algeria. It contains a huge hall with 600 chairs

7- Oran train station

Oran train station

It has a structure built during the French colonial period and has the symbols of the three monotheistic religions, a mosque, the Star of David, and Catholic crosses

 Oran hotels

1- La Price Hotel

A wonderful and distinguished hotel located in the municipality of Ain El-Turk. The hotel includes 27 rooms, all equipped with a flat-screen monitor. Each room also includes a private bathroom with a bathtub. The hotel provides a car rental service. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and private parking 2/ Best Western Columbus Hotel

The hotel is located in the city center and the hotel contains 23 rooms, all of which are equipped with air conditioning and a flat screen monitor. The rooms also include a bathtub. The hotel includes a restaurant for meals at any time. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi, as well as a car park and an airport shuttle service.

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 2- Hotel New Beach Thalasso:

This hotel is located 11 km from Ain al-Turk. This hotel includes 80 rooms, all equipped with a flat screen and a private bathroom equipped with a bathtub. The hotel has a restaurant where you can have a meal. Free private parking is available on site. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi as well. The hotel has an outdoor pool, children’s playground and sun terrace

3- Eden Phoenix Hotel

This hotel is located 20 km from Ain El Turk, 6 km from Oran Santa Cruz fortress. The hotel has 103 rooms, all equipped with a flat-screen display and a private bathroom. A gift shop is available. The hotel also provides free Wi-Fi, free parking, and airport transfers. Free of charge, the hotel also has an outdoor pool and a restaurant


When you visit that Algerian state, you can go to these restaurants and enjoy the delicious meals offered by the state’s restaurants. We offer you a group of the most beautiful restaurants, including:

1- Sama Oran Restaurant

2- The pirate restaurant

3- Lebanon Cafe Restaurant

4- Grand Cafe Restaurant

5- Wi-Fi Resto

6- Bab Rayan Restaurant

7- The Mediterranean Restaurant

8- Street Food Restaurant

9- Fast Food Muhannad Restaurant

10- Brooklyn Food Restaurant

You can also enjoy visiting many distinctive and wonderful coffee shops, and you can rest and drink Algerian juices and hot drinks, including:

1- Night Musk Café

2- Al Jawhara Cafe

3- Written cafe

4- Morning cafe

5- Millennium coffee shop

6- Burj Al Arab Cafe

7- Café Shop Cordoba

8- Cafe Shop Lotius

9- Trocadero Cafe

10- Zaghloul coffee shop

At the end of our report, we wish you a happy visit, a wonderful and enjoyable time, and sightseeing in the Bahia state of Oran, Algeria.

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