Discover the cliffs of Bonifacio in France

In the south of Corsica, on the coasts of Bonifacio at the foot of the citadel, extend immense limestone cliffs 50 to 70 m high, which offer us an impressive spectacle.

The cliffs of Bonifacio are an unmissable and magnificent site to visit. For this, several options are available to you.

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First, a belvedere offers a view of the sea and the high limestone cliffs, but also of the “grain of sand”, an isolated rock, the result of a landslide from the cliff. You will find a staircase that goes down to the foot of the cliffs on Sutta Rocca beach.

But to appreciate the beauty of the cliffs and of this site, nothing better than a walk, different paths are available to you depending on their length, from 45 min to 3 hours. At the start in front of the White Chapel of Saint Roche you will have to climb the limestone stairs which will take you to the path which runs along the cliffs, be careful not to get too close to the edge, the stone is crumbly! By following the path, you can stop after a one-hour walk, or continue for another 2 hours for the bravest! It is also possible to reach the beach at certain places for a well-deserved swim. Above all, do not forget to take water in summer.

A last option to admire these cliffs from the sea is the boat trip, which departs from the pleasure pot and goes along the cliffs, and also explores some sea caves.

Credits: wikipedia / Jean-Pol GRANDMONT
Credits: wikipedia / Jean-Pol GRANDMONT

Don’t wait any longer and discover this magnificent place!

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