Discover : The Dragon Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world, China

Researchers have identified what is arguably the world’s deepest blue hole, located at the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.

According to scientists, nearly 75% of the seabed remains unexplored. After more than 12 months of research, on July 22, 2016 to be exact, Chinese researchers were able to set a new record and claim to have found the largest sea hole in the world: it is called the “Dragon’s Hole” (or “L ‘eye of China’) and it is set in China .

Dragon hole in China, blue hole

Located exactly within the archipelago of the Paracel Islands (southern China), this excavation would reach 389 meters deep, just a little more than the Eiffel Tower (324 meters).

This fabulous discovery surpasses the record held by the Dean Blue Hole, located in the Bahamas, near the coast of Belize and which engulfed 202 meters below water level.

A very old “architecture”

The rock formation of the “Trou du Dragon” took place over thousands of years, the researchers believe that a very large amount of limestone has eroded under the ground, which has favored the appearance of a cave . Then, the roof of the cave collapsed and the cavity gradually filled with water after the ice melted, which gave birth to the current blue hole.

This blue hole, so named because of its rich dark blue coloration, contrasts sharply with the waters around it. It is very likely that the Trou du Dragon was created during the last ice age, when the sea level was 100 meters lower than it is today. The rock has been altered by the action of rainwater and has hollowed out.

new species of fish

In addition to its surface area and its extreme depth, Chinese researchers have discovered more than twenty species of fish and marine organisms, in particular using a robot dubbed “VideoRay Pro 4”.

Indeed, beyond 100 meters, the water circulates badly and the lack of oxygen often excludes finding any trace of life. However, it would seem that some “survivors” of this era still reside on these unexplored seabed. Would you be willing to travel to the South China Sea to approach this blue hole? The Dragon’s Hole is just beginning to deliver its first treasures, who knows what we have yet to discover?

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