Discover the fascinating and unique Polka Dot Lake in British Columbia

It is in Canada, more precisely near Osoyoos in British Columbia, that you will be able to contemplate a more than breathtaking lake. As its name suggests, Spotted Lake  is a lake made up of large peas that could be compared to round puddles. In this article, we tell you more about this phenomenon and this place that deserves a look at least once in a lifetime.

A lake full of many minerals

If the surroundings of the city of Osoyoos in British Columbia are famous for their breathtaking landscapes, one of them has more than one reason to intrigue its visitors. Spotted Lake sometimes takes on a more than unusual aspect. This lake is indeed different from all those you are used to seeing since it contains a very high concentration of minerals such as calcium, sodium sulphates, magnesium sulphates or even salt. It is the reaction of its minerals to the intense heat of the region in summer that transforms this lake into an incredible panorama. At this time, the lake takes the form of a basin filled with small round puddles. The colors of these dots vary from yellow to blue through green and white.

Spotted Lake, Canada
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A place considered sacred

The first people who lived near this lake used to call it Kliluk. As far back as you can go, this lake has been sacred. Indeed, it would have undeniable virtues to cure certain diseases. The legend even indicates that each pea would have its own powers.

Today, many visitors come to admire this unique place in the world. Very impressively, it is possible to walk between the formations when they are present. In addition, people continue to recover some of this precious liquid for healing purposes. Unfortunately, collecting samples from these waters is not necessarily a good thing, as mass tourism could ultimately harm this sublime destination. Indeed, this lake was used during the Second World War to create explosive weapons. Before that, the lake was even more impressive thanks to more intense colors than today.

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Spotted Lake, Canada
Credits: Pxhere

This natural site is now protected since all of the neighboring land has been acquired by the federal government to ensure the sustainability of this place. If the Spotted Lake is poorly protected, we could see it disappear gradually in turn in the decades to come, just like the Dead Sea in the Middle East or Glass Beach in California .

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