Discover the island of Sylt in Germany, the queen of the North Sea

We know Germany more for its traditional cities and its very green landscapes, but little for its coasts and even less for its islands. However, this country does not lack pretty maritime landscapes to make its neighboring countries pale. The island of Sylt, also nicknamed the queen of the North Sea, is the northernmost of the German islands. Zoom on this haven of peace on the border with Denmark.


  • A setting worthy of a postcard
  • Between discovery of heritage, jet-set and… naturism
  • An island under threat

A setting worthy of a postcard

With its 99 square kilometres, Sylt is the fourth largest island in Germany. In addition, it is part of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. It is therefore an incredible natural heritage. Before becoming a famous destination, Sylt was an almost deserted island and it was rare to meet tourists there. It was celebrities like Brigitte Bardot or Gunter Sachs who started the trend. Now, this destination is fashionable, especially for Germans, and the island is gradually changing. For example, some farms or fishermen’s houses are revisited in sumptuous villas. But that in no way detracts from the beauty of this island and its dominant nature landscapes.

If there is a famous image of Sylt, it is that of its beach with its small chairs facing the sea. All along the west coast of the island, huge beaches allow its users to have space and feel almost alone in this idyllic setting. On land, you will discover the village of Kampen and its trendy entertainment, but also more wild and relaxing places. For example, the lighthouses of Hornüm, List Est and Rotes Kliff, but also Harhoog, a megalithic tomb located in the center-east of the island, should make you succumb to the charm of Sylt.

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island of Sylt, Germany
Credits: Unsplash

Between discovery of heritage, jet-set and… naturism

Initially Sylt was an ordinary island where the inhabitants lived thanks to fishing. From now on, the various influences due in particular to tourism make the particularity of the island. Between remnants of old traditions and new points of interest for wealthy visitors to the island, Sylt has something for all types of tourists. Nature lovers, the jet-set, but also naturists will find what they are looking for. Indeed, around 70% of holidaymakers in this destination would practice naturism. If you like water sports, you can practice them at will in superb conditions. In addition, every year the windsurfing world cup PWA Super Gran Slam Sylt takes place on this island and brings together all professionals and amateurs of the sport.

island of Sylt, Germany
Credits: Unsplash

An island under threat

Unfortunately, the island of Sylt is not immune to global warming and rising sea levels. That is why local authorities are dedicated to nature protection. At present, about 50% of the surface of the island is classified as a protected area. Also, the Wadden Sea in which Sylt is located is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We can thus hope that this natural heritage will continue over the years and centuries.

island of Sylt, Germany
Credits: Unsplash

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