Discover the Kingdom of Tonga in Polynesia

You have certainly never seen its name appear among the lists of countries and yet Tonga is indeed one of them. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in Polynesia, not far from Fiji, this state on the other side of the world is a real gem. To find yourself cut off from the world as a couple or alone, its idyllic landscapes are ideal. Here is everything you need to know about this destination that is still unknown to the general public until today.

The first country to see the sun rise

The ignorance of Westerners of this country is good for Tonga. Indeed, this preserves this destination from mass tourism and therefore also from the repercussions that this could cause. Tonga is the last monarchy in the Pacific and the first country to emerge. This has managed to safeguard an authentic culture. This is why it is extremely important that the few travelers who venture there respect the traditions, habits and heritage of its population. With some 170 islands for 108,020 inhabitants, a large part of the country is desert with only animals for inhabitants. Between paradisiacal beaches, coral reefs, tropical forests and important fauna, discover all that the Kingdom of Tonga has to reveal to you.

Kingdom of Tonga
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Between relaxation, activities and discovery of a unique culture

It’s not because Tonga is an isolated country that we get bored there, quite the contrary! The environment of the country and its culture will allow you to break the time of your stay with your habits and to immerse yourself in a world apart.

Discover the culture of the kingdom

Its remoteness has made the culture of Tonga a unique heritage. While walking in the capital Nuku’alofa, you can visit cultural places with for example the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua and its structure made exclusively of wood. Otherwise, enjoy a walk in the most important cities of the country to observe the different buildings, but also the habits of the populations. To put you even more in the local atmosphere, do not hesitate to enter a bar or restaurant.

Discover the Kingdom of Tonga in Polynesia

Practice hiking in extraordinary scenery

The landscapes of Tonga and its many extremely well-preserved islands allow for magnificent hikes. The Eua National Park is ideal for this and also allows you to discover many species, including the very rare pompadour parakeet.

Enjoy water activities

If you like water and nautical activities, Tonga should represent a small paradise for you. Indeed, its coral reefs, its marine fauna and its turquoise water make this territory the perfect place for water sports such as paddleboarding, kayaking, scuba diving or snorkeling. If you are not very sporty, you can also take advantage of these paradisiacal landscapes by treating yourself to an unforgettable ride on a sailboat.

Bask on the white sand beaches

Because holidays are above all about relaxing and resting, there is nothing better than staying calm on a dream beach. In a shady corner with a cold drink, allow yourself to take a breather and do nothing but sunbathe and enjoy the ocean.

Swim with whales

Whales very often frequent the shores of the islands of the Kingdom of Tonga. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to discover this wild marine species. Opt for a traditional boat ride or choose to swim alongside these titanic beings for a thrilling experience!

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Pacific whale
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