Discover the Magic Galleries of Waitomo in New Zealand (Video)

There are many phenomena in the world that few people have had the chance to observe. The Waitomo Galleries are one of them. This cave is illuminated by millions of insects named  Arachnocampa luminosa . Once inside, the cave ceiling resembles a starlit sky. So if you want to see this spectacle of nature with your own eyes, you will have to go to the other side of the world in New Zealand.


  • A surprising place in New Zealand
  • Explore this unique gallery
  • Experience the magic of this cave on video

A surprising place in New Zealand

It was in 1887 that  Tane Tinorau and Fred Mace , two explorers, discovered the famous cave of Waitomo by chance, by simply following water courses inside underground galleries. Until today, no comparable place has been discovered in the world.

This ceiling which seems starry is explained by small insects which look like larvae called  Arachnocampa luminosa They generate light through a biochemical reaction that comes from their posterior. All of a sudden, we can say that it makes you dream less! But the spectacle is no less extraordinary and magnificent.

Explore this unique gallery

In the northwest of New Zealand, in the Waitomo district, board a small boat and let yourself be carried to these lights. The beginning of the visit takes place in total darkness until you see illuminated walls in the distance. This is when the spectacle and the wonder begin.

Visits to this cave do not date from today as evidenced by this photograph of many curious people already discovered Waitomo in 1977.

Waitomo 1977
Credits: Flickr/ Don Pugh

Currently, the tour runs the same way and takes about 2 hours. The tour costs around fifty dollars for an adult.

With the development of mass tourism, this place is increasingly crowded. Fortunately, the boats do not pollute, so the place continues to be preserved. But visits can be less pleasant, especially during busy periods. Also be aware that visits may vary depending on weather conditions, as the caves are sometimes flooded during heavy rains. If you plan to visit the Waitomo Caves, we therefore advise you to find out well in advance about the periods and times best suited to a visit in peace and with optimal conditions.

Experience the magic of this cave on video

These few images reveal all the beauty of the place, and even seem not to be real! Yet these are indeed the galleries of Waitomo, a place that once again proves the beauty and diversity of nature. Who knows ? Perhaps other such places remain to be discovered in the world…

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