Discover the most beautiful photographs in the “nature of the year” competition

Nature Photographer of the Year is a nature photography contest that celebrates the artistry of nature photography. they have some fantastic prizes up for grabs, including the top prize of €3,000 cash for the overall winner, as well as other great cash prizes and great camera gear. When you participate in this nature photo contest, you are also participating in various nature conservation projects around the world. At our annual Nature Talks photo festival on November 13-14, 2021 in the Netherlands, they presented all of the winners to us. The winners will also be presented in the photo exhibition of the festival before its visit to the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

To discover the other winners and photographs, go to the contest website .

“Dragons Lair”, © Denis Budkov
Ice cell © Gheorghe Popa
« Red in Red » ©Georg Nies
Discover the most beautiful photographs in the “nature of the year” competition
© Rupert Kogler, “Heat of Hoar”
« Silverbach Chimanuka », © Friedhuber Josef
© Terje Kolaas, « Winter Migration »
©Javi Murciar, « The king of the ocean »
« Walking among fennels », © Ruben Perez Novo

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