Dear travellers, you who like to travel the world, discover new places, new cities, I am going to present to you here the top 10 of the most visited monuments in the world. Almost unavoidable destinations for frequent travellers, here are the man-made monuments where you have been or where you will most certainly visit in your life.

1 – Time Square, New York

With nearly 35 million visitors, Times Square is the most visited monument in the world. The place that never sleeps therefore wins the palm of the most visited monument in the world.


2 – Memorial Parks, Washington

After New York, Washington takes second place. And yes, again the United States. Memorial Parks is a huge park in the center of town, facing the White House. This place brings together 25 million tourists each year.


3 – Trafalgar Square, London

It is Westminster’s most famous square in London that completes the podium. With 15 million tourists a year, Trafalgar Square is the 3rd most visited monument in the world.


4 – Notre Dame, Paris

Despite its title as the most visited country in the world, France only comes 4th in the most visited monuments in the world. Notre-Dame de Paris brings together nearly 12 million visitors a year.

our Lady

5 – Great Wall of China, China

It is obvious that the most populated country in the world places its favorite monument in the top 10 of the most visited monuments. The Chinese wall brings together 10 million onlookers a year.

Great Wall of China

6 – Sacred Heart, Paris

Second French monument of this top 10. The Sacré Cœur, with its 8 million visitors each year.


7 – Louvre Museum, Paris

And three! Third French monument of this top 10. Once again, in Paris . Logical when you know that France is the most touristic country in the world . With 7.5 million visitors, the Louvre Museum ranks seventh in this ranking.


8 – Forbidden City, Beijing

Second Chinese monument in the ranking. The Forbidden City of Beijing brings together 7 million tourists every year.

Forbidden City

9 – Eiffel Tower, Paris

Ninth in this ranking, the Eiffel Tower. The famous Parisian tower built in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel has 6.9 million tourists each year. The tower culminates at 324m was the tallest tower in the world for 41 years!

Eiffel Tower

10 – Center Pompidou, Paris

The Pompidou Center or Georges-Pompidou National Center for Art and Culture closes our ranking of the most visited monuments in the world. Open since 1977, the center totals 5.1 million admissions per year.

Centre Pompidou
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