Discover the mountains and valleys of the fabulous Black Forest in Germany

This area dotted with plains and mountains is located not far from Strasbourg, the Alsatian capital. Black Forest in German is called “Schwartzwald”, an appellation that gave its name to the famous creamy pastry that everyone knows! However, this mountain range in Baden-Württemberg is much more than that. You will discover a host of places where nature reigns supreme, as well as an immense cultural and historical heritage. Its name may not be very appealing, but don’t be fooled: the Black Forest in Germany is a real jewel of authenticity and remains very welcoming! 


  • A huge natural park
  • The Black Forest, a place of relaxation and tradition
  • Events throughout the year

A huge natural park

The Black Forest is indeed recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. According to the organization’s website, such a site is defined as follows:

These sites aim to reconcile the conservation of natural and cultural diversity with economic and social development. They make it possible to test and develop innovative approaches to sustainable development from the local to the international level.

Since Germany is already a very advanced country for everything related to environmental issues, we can say that the Black Forest is one of the models for raising awareness of sustainable development. When you go there, you will realize it for yourself! Lovers of the great outdoors and hiking will be delighted to see all the possibilities available to them. By venturing on the Route des Crêtes between Baden-Baden and Freudenstadt, walkers will be able to admire unique panoramas over the Rhine valley. The summit of Mount Belchen, accessible by cable car, is the ideal place to come and admire the sunrise and discover a breathtaking view of the major mountain ranges of the region.

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black forest germany belchen
Credits: Tobias Nielsen/Wikimedia Commons

Likewise, nature and animal lovers will be delighted to cross the Luchspfad , a hiking trail where you can live like a lynx! Caves, short routes and observation will bring out your feline soul! Finally, if you like stretches of water, go to Lake Titisee. Its size as well as its depth make it perfect for indulging in water sports or simply pedal boating.

The Black Forest, a place of relaxation and tradition

This place corresponds to all types of existing travelers! People who prefer the city and lounging by a pool will enjoy spending time in Baden-Baden. The Caracalla thermal baths open their doors to you all year round. Likewise, the Roman-Irish baths of the Friedrichsbad will immerse you in a unique historical setting while you enjoy a moment of relaxation. For thrill seekers, the Europa Park amusement park will take care of satisfying them!

black forest old mill
Credits: hschmider/Pixabay

Finally, if you want to immerse yourself in a traditional Germany close to nature, go to Sasbachwalden. This typical village with architecture classified as historical heritage is surrounded by a magnificently picturesque environment. You will be delighted to discover its waterfalls, its mills and its woods. The Toni-Merz Museum lets you learn more about the history and culture of Sasbachwalden. Finally, when the weather is nice, the Vogtsbauernhof ecomuseum is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the way of life of the inhabitants of the Black Forest hundreds of years ago! The staff at this open-air museum have a blast pretending to belong to that ancient time, instructing you in the various trades and practices of the ancient times.

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Events throughout the year

In summer as in winter, there is no shortage of activities in the Black Forest in Germany! Fans of fine wines will find what they are looking for on board the Rebenbummler train  literally “the one who hangs around in the vineyards”. This takes you on a 26-kilometre circuit with the aim of revealing magnificent vineyard landscapes alternating with orchards and forest areas. During the winter season, an Alaskan wind blows over the Black Forest. Every year, in February, the International sled dog race takes place. This is an amazing sled dog race ! After this, you can attend an exhibition of ice sculptures.

black forest germany lake snow
Credits: Andreas Goellner/Pixabay

This article on things to do in the Black Forest is not exhaustive. There are so many things to discover there! Are you going to be tempted? 

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