A German photographer has taken a series of exceptional shots of this forest of twisted trees, in an austere atmosphere worthy of a horror film where fog is king. This forest remains a mystery since no one really knows the reason for this incredible shape.

This forest named Krzywy Las-forest (the twisted forest) is located in Poland, in the extreme northwest, near the village of Nowe Czarnowo. No less than 400 trees occupy several dozen hectares. These trees each have a base twisted at 90°, simply reminiscent of an elbow.

No one can give the reason for this astonishing phenomenon observed since the 1930s, while some indulge in explanations that depart from any scientific logic. For example, some think that this forest is the work of witches using black magic, or that it would be the work of the Nazis.

A little more down to earth, certain proposals emanating from the scientific sphere make sense, for example this one: the trees would have been, during their growth, bent voluntarily by men in order to build barrels, boats or even furniture and other everyday objects.

“As a photographer, I’m always looking for the perfect conditions and fog is one of my favorite tools. I was researching strange places when I came across this forest. It was only later that I learned that the weather conditions there were perfect for me. I immediately took my gear and jumped in my car. It was almost 700 kilometers of road, but it was worth it. After several cups of coffee and a few energy drinks to make up for my lack of sleep, I started photographing the place,” explains German photographer Kilian Schönberger , who did not hesitate to travel hundreds of kilometers to reach the forest, in the aim of making a series of superb shots.

twisted forest
[/media-credit] Credits: Pixabay
twisted forest
[/media-credit] Credits: Pixabay
twisted forest
[/media-credit] Credits: wikimedia commons
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