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  • 1. Why travel to Sweden to see the Northern Lights?
  • 2. Explora Project, a responsible agency specializing in adventure travel
  • 3. Focus on 3 northern lights expeditions with Explora Project
  • – Immersion musher and northern lights in Lapland
  • – Snowshoeing and Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland
  • – Discovery of Swedish Lapland on snowshoes and ski pulka

The cold wind, the polar breeze, the hands wrapped in your mittens, and suddenly, ribbons take shape above your heads. Their lights wave, first green, then purple. Time freezes but the ballet of the particles, as for it, takes always more scale: place with the aurora borealis.

This cosmic phenomenon is undeniably one of the most beautiful. Few places welcome the aurora borealis every night. Among them, Sweden is not lacking in assets. With Swedish Lapland and the immense virgin spaces, this territory is an ideal playground for hunting the phenomenon of lights in the sky.

To see the Northern Lights in Sweden, it is better to know the most open places and to know how to read in the skies the most favorable conditions. Hence the interest of using an expert agency for an expedition that will allow you to observe this breathtaking natural spectacle. Ready? Discover the Northern Lights in Sweden with Explora Project  !

1. Why travel to Sweden to see the Northern Lights?

Northern lights in Lapland

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Richard Cavalleri

With its vast regions devoid of cities and tall trees, where only nature shaves the ground, Sweden, and especially Swedish Lapland, is a fabulous place to contemplate the Northern Lights. This magical place, whose name is enough to awaken the imagination, is home to several protected parks and traditional villages, discreetly sealed off in nature. Sweden is also a center of the culture of the Sami – indigenous people of Lapland – and a land populated by reindeer with velvet horns. What combine observation of the aurora borealis and cultural bath.

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If you want to see the Northern Lights in Sweden, travel between mid-September and late March. The peak being between November and January. Indeed, during this period, the nights are the longest. Conversely, the summer season and its midnight sun make it impossible to see the luminous ribbons.

In addition to a dark night, you need good weather conditions and a strategic geographical position to see the Northern Lights. The less artificial lights and clouds there are and the higher the Kp index, the better you will be able to observe the famous dancing lights.

This is why, to attend one of the most intense shows, you have to get off the beaten track and get away from the villages. For this, we advise you to call on Explora Project which will offer you a guide whose mission is to take you to the most remote places in Sweden and conducive to the contemplation of the Northern Lights.

2. Explora Project, a responsible agency specializing in adventure travel

Lapland northern lights

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Dmytro Tymchenko

Explora Project is a committed and responsible adventure travel agency. As a player in sustainable tourism, this organization offers exploration trips that have a positive impact on local populations and respect the environment. Indeed, the carbon footprint and environmental impacts of travel are reduced to a minimum.

The Explora Project experiences are imagined and designed by the guides, for outdoor lovers and travelers who aspire to a deep connection with nature. Despite an invitation to surpass oneself, adventure travel in the heart of nature is accessible to all levels. You just need to refer to the level, from 1 to 5, of each expedition in order to assess its physical requirements.

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Explora Project stays are always conducted in small groups supervised by certified guides. They are keen to pass on their knowledge of the region and their technical know-how. Their mission is also to raise participants’ awareness of environmental issues and offer sustainable solutions to travelers in search of adventure.

The guides selected by Explora Project are the cornerstone of the community. It’s a real network, passionate about the outdoors, travel and sharing.

This is why, if you dream of observing the Northern Lights in Sweden, Explora Project will be able to meet your desires to escape, by offering you a responsible and reasoned stay. The stays on offer give you access to isolated corners, to the essential spots to observe the luminous ballets, but also to a wide range of authentic and sometimes unusual activities. All this, supervised by an expert guide-explorer in his field. As far as possible, the stays offered are self-sufficient in energy and respect the principles of leaving no trace and zero waste.

3. Focus on 3 northern lights expeditions with Explora Project

Discover 3 experiences that will take you closer to the Northern Lights in Sweden but also to the traditions and activities typical of the Lapp way of life.

Northern Lights Sweden

Photo credit: Stéphane Lehaut

Beyond the Arctic Circle, Régis and Marie, a couple of mushers, have become guides-explorers for Explora Project. With their faithful companions looking like stuffed animals, they make you live an extraordinary experience.

In addition to the Northern Lights, you will discover the joys and rudiments of campfire evenings, driving a sled on expanses of immaculate snow, the culture of the Sami and camping in arctic land. The company of dogs is a real pleasure. A unique and exhilarating 6-day adventure, where the adventurer in you can fully express itself.

Northern Lights Swedish Lapland

Photo credit: Shutterstock – jasperdenboer_photography

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Like the sled, snowshoes are one of the essential accessories in the life of the Sami. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the machine, because walking on snowshoes is rather physical. But rest assured, it remains an immeasurable pleasure accessible to all. What a pleasure to tread the white coat of Lapland, brush against the fir trees bent under the weight of the snow, approach the dens of reindeer and fully immerse yourself in the purity of the Lappish landscapes.

This adventure holiday takes place in the Swedish county of Norrbotten. Your base camps are two traditional chalets typical of polar scenery. Of course, throughout the week, you will hunt for the Northern Lights in a confidential and open region of Sweden and learn more about the secrets of this natural phenomenon.

Northern Lights Swedish Lapland

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Dmytro Tymchenko

Notice to aurora borealis and Nordic sports enthusiasts, Explora Project offers you the adventure of your dreams. During this week, you alternate walks on snowshoes and Nordic skis through the sparkling and hypnotic landscapes of Swedish Lapland. You also learn how to handle equipment, tow a pulka or set up a bivouac in the heart of the Arctic Circle. But don’t worry, you will have well deserved to sleep in a warm, typically Scandinavian-style chalet.

This initiatory and sporty journey is punctuated by long walks, eyes riveted on the celestial vault, to admire the spectacle of the northern lights in Sweden. Your expert guide will then reveal the secrets of the formation of these colorful and explosive phenomena which seem to defy all the laws of rationality.

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