Discover the Pantanal, an ecological paradise in Brazil

Much less known than the Amazon rainforest and yet just as essential! The Pantanal terrestrial ecoregion is one of Brazil’s natural paradises. Covering 170,501 km2, this immense plain is actually the largest wetland on the planet.


  • A remarkable ecosystem
  • Unforgettable visits
  • A fragile environment

A remarkable ecosystem

Four months a year, between December and March, this territory is filled with water up to thirteen meters above sea level. It is thus transformed into a marsh the size of Great Britain. This is to tell you how imposing this biosphere is! Besides that, it is also Brazil’s first soybean production.

As you can imagine, this environment has allowed nature to take back its rights. The fauna and flora are therefore very diverse and very well preserved until today. Among the many animal species present in the Pantanal, you will find jaguars, capybaras, monkeys, sloths, wild pigs, reptiles, but also many birds including blue macaws, tocotoucans, egrets and jabirus, the symbol of these lands. Given the humidity of the area, there are also more than 400 species of fish, including the famous piranhas.

Pantanal birds
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Unforgettable visits

The recommended time to visit the Pantanal is from April to October. The pleasant temperatures of this region allow most of the time visits in excellent conditions. On the other hand, it is not recommended to venture there between October and February at the risk of regretting it. Indeed, the rain, the heat and the mosquitoes are omnipresent during this period and make the visits unforgettable, but for the wrong reasons! It is possible to visit this region alone, but it is preferable to be accompanied by a local guide who will be able to lead you to breathtaking landscapes and to animals that you could not have approached without.

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You guessed it, the place is not suitable for swimming. But that’s not why you’ll be bored, quite the contrary! If you like adventure and discovery, the Pantanal should have some nice surprises in store for you. Between jeep safari, hiking, horseback riding, day and night boat safari or even piranha fishing, you will discover this region unique in the world and its biodiversity while having fun!

Discover the Pantanal, an ecological paradise in Brazil
Credits: Wikipedia

And if you want to relax and enjoy the pleasant climate, you can of course choose accommodation with a swimming pool and the necessary comfort. Some hotels offer services that are more than adequate and suitable for families.

A fragile environment

Like all natural places still preserved, the Pantanal is extremely fragile. This is why it is important to measure the importance of safeguarding this place before even setting foot there. Once there, try to adopt an eco-responsible behavior . Most of the hotels and inns on the spot are doing prevention so that tourism does not gradually degrade this marvel of nature….

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