Discover the Pinnacles Desert in Australia

The Pinnacles Desert is located in Namburg National Park in Western Australia. It is very famous for its rock formations strange . Indeed, several menhirs seem to pierce the ground in more or less varied shapes and sizes. They arise from the desert up to 4 m in height. But the strangeness of the place also remains in the flora which is very present and which flourishes there.

The park is located 200km north of the city of Perth and the setting gives the impression of having arrived on another planet. You can get there by 4×4 or by coach from the city of Perth. A passable path on foot and by car allows you to survey the desert between the limestone pillars that split the ground. You will be able to see wild emus, galahs and many other small animals. The flowers give color to this yellow desert and blue sky between August and October.

The park is also bordered by white sand beaches which are isolated and therefore perfect if you want to swim in turquoise waters . Not far from the desert is Kangaroo Point , where kangaroos congregate at dawn and dusk towards the beach. Near the site, you will also find a beautiful lake where one can observe living fossils that were formed by organisms that are similar to ancient life forms that were present on Earth.

Source: Google Maps
Source : Google Maps

Geologists are struggling to understand how such rocks got there, as well as the fact that flowers can grow there. But this mystery is an integral part of the beauty of the place. Some wonders of nature remain more beautiful if we can’t explain them to ourselves. The site is dated to around 30,000 years ago.

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Source: dylan_odonnel/Flickr
Source : dylan_odonnel/Flickr
Source : Binarysequence/Wikipedia
Source : Binarysequence/Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia , – Main illustration: Jakub Michankow

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