Discover the ruins of the last Vijayanagara Hindu Empire

Hampi is a village located in the Indian lands east of Goa. This one is in the ruins of the ancient capital of the Hindu Kingdom called Vijayanâgara. This archaeological site remains unknown to the public, yet it is a remarkable place that deserves more fame. These ruins are spread over hills and are surrounded by vegetation which makes the place even more magical. This site has also been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986 to ensure its conservation and have it recognized a little more around the world.

This place transports us directly to the cartoon The Jungle Book. With its flora, fauna and timeless buildings, this village can only amaze you. In practice, if you want to go to the ruins of Vijayanagara during a trip to India, you have to take a train from Gao to Hospet (about 6 hours) then the bus for half an hour.

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Vijayanagara: quite a story!

It was on the immense and arid plateau of the Dekkan that the Kingdom of Vijayanagara extended until the 16th century. At its height, the capital had half a million inhabitants. The beauty and wealth of the city aroused the admiration of travelers, but also the jealousy of neighboring peoples. Its prosperity was based on the trade in rice, sugar, precious stones and spices. The Empire fought for several centuries against its enemies, especially against the Muslim princes. It was in 1565 that the Empire collapsed following the battle of Talikota against a confederation of Dekkan sultans. The city was then given over to plunder for about 6 months until the capital was abandoned.

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What you can see in Hampi

On more than 4000 hectares, nearly 1600 remains have been discovered in the old Empire. Visiting the entire site requires 2 to 3 days. Among the essential monuments of Vijayanagara, there are  the stables of the elephants, the Baths of the Queen, the temple of Vitthala or the chariot .

Credits: Pxhere
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