Discover the unexpected remains of the city of Shimao, China

Chinese archaeologists were far from imagining finding such a treasure in the province of Shaanxi, in the center-west of the country. However, they discovered for the first time in 1976 a huge abandoned city over 4,300 years old. Named Shimao, we still don’t know a lot about this city full of well-kept secrets that never ceases to surprise us.


  • An ancient city still very mysterious
  • Remains older than the Great Wall of China
  • Shimao in pictures

An ancient city still very mysterious

The more the years pass and the years advance, the more the remains of Shimao impress archaeologists and enthusiasts around the world. Indeed, the archaeological excavations first made it possible to note the existence of Shimao whose history they were totally unaware of. Specialists indicate that it was certainly the largest city in the world at its time with its 400 hectares and more than 400 residences, more than 4,000 years ago. Already until then, the city impressed, but it was without knowing the discoveries that were going to be made in the years to come. During the summer of 2018, archaeologists revealed an extraordinary discovery. This is the huge pyramid of Shimao. This one is not so grand for its height, but more for its width which largely rivals the pyramids of Egypt. Indeed, its base measures no less than 24 hectares for a height of about 70 meters.

Unlike the Egyptian and Mexican pyramids, this one would not have a religious or funerary function. On the contrary, according to scientists, it was a place of life where only the elite could enter. They also add that this place was used for craft production for this same social class. Many finds allow archaeologists and historians to put together the different pieces of the puzzle and perhaps soon unravel the mystery of Shimao. For example, engravings, sculptures or the skulls of sacrificed young women have been discovered in recent years on this extraordinary site.

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Shimao pyramid, China
Credits: YouTube video capture. Computer-generated images of the archaeological site of the Shimao pyramid in China.

Remains older than the Great Wall of China

For a time, scientists working on these excavations believed that the ruins of the city walls belonged to the Great Wall of China. After further research, the official results show that the city of Shimao, its pyramid and its ramparts are older than the most famous site in China.

The ancient city of Shimao can be considered to question Chinese history since historians were unaware that a civilization lived in this part of the country at that time. In fact, the authorities see in this archaeological site the first material proof of the existence of the Xia dynasty .

Shimao in pictures

Discover the unexpected remains of the city of Shimao, China

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