Discover the Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia, a splendor of nature!

Located just a few kilometers from Gorje and 4km northwest of Bled, the Vintgar Gorge is a splendor of nature. It is 1.6km long and is dug between two very steep mountains: Hom and Borst. The river that flows there is the Radvna River and it alternates between waterfalls , fast parts and calm parts. Several bridges and a few galleries located along the cliffs allow visitors to admire all their beauty, ending with a superb overhang above the 16m high Sum waterfall.

To be able to observe this natural beauty, you have to take the panoramic path that starts from Hom and ends at Sainte-Catherine which is a chapel with a magnificent view. There are of course places to eat at the entrance to the gorge and at the exit, near the Sum waterfall. On the way back, you can take the road that passes through Sv. Katarina and which gives a breathtaking view of the Karavanke, the Dolina and the city of Bled. The wooden bridges are hung along the cliff, which allows you to be closer to the wonderful river whose water makes you want to dive into it.

vintgar gorge
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This place was discovered by Jakob Zumer who was the mayor of Gorje in 1891. He was accompanied by Benedikt Lergetporer who was a cartographer and photographer. Both left Spodnje Gorje and they were so dazzled by the beauty of the site that they decided to develop it in order to attract visitors. The first of them came from Bled. It was not until August 26, 1893 that the gorge saw its public inauguration .

vintgar gorge
Credits: yeowatzup/Wikimedia
vintgar gorge
Credits : Luke Price/Wikimedia
vintgar gorge
Credits : yeung ming/Wikimedia

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