Discover the watchtower of Algiers «la vigie d’Alger » : An extraordinary Beach

The north of Algeria is known for its coastline of more than 1600 km, which stretches from east to west.

In the Algerian capital, Algiers; more precisely at the watchtower between the two mills and the Pérouse Pescade “Raïs Hamidou” named after the eponymous corsair, who ensured the regency and prosperity of Algiers in the Ottoman era, long before the French conquest.
This burst of the Mediterranean is distinguished by its nameless particularity, not to mention its immeasurable beauty, clear water, gray sand that turns silver and a few rocks that complete this postcard setting.

For sea lovers, this mythical and magnificent place allows you to enjoy the sea air, which is the best way to escape anxiety in this time of health crisis.

This little corner of paradise is not only a place of pleasure, but it is also a place steeped in history, which allows us for a moment to take a leap into the past, something to remember with fervor. the richness of our history.

To take full advantage of this small beach, you have to go there at dawn or out of season, being a popular area, it should be noted that wearing a bikini can unfortunately be frowned upon.

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