Discover the wonderful state of Rajasthan or “the land of kings”in India

Also called “the land of kings”, Rajasthan is a region in northwestern India. It is one of the most visited destinations in India, thanks to its culture, incredible landscapes and history. By venturing there, the change of scenery is guaranteed!

This unusual place marks in one way or another all the tourists who have visited it. This trip will be a first step or another step towards the quest to understand the world in which we live. Indeed, being in a very distant place, in a completely different culture and magnificent landscapes, can only open your mind more. In this article, we list some good reasons to visit Rajasthan.


  • The palaces of kings
  • A very marked culture
  • The taste specialties of the region
  • Magnificent landscapes
  • A fauna to preserve

The palaces of kings

As its nickname suggests, Rajasthan has long been inhabited by many kings. Thus, we find throughout the region many ruins of ancient temples and fortresses. These appear like mirages in desert settings and make the landscape even more magical. Currently, the Maharajas no longer rule the country, but are still extremely important, especially because of the caste system .

rajasthani palace
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A very marked culture

In this region of the world, it is as if time had stopped. By going to Rajasthan, you will find very little modernity, whether in terms of architecture, technologies or even mentalities. Indian culture is rooted there despite multiculturalism. You will come across a lot of people in traditional outfits resonating with the cities in which they live.

The taste specialties of the region

In Rajasthan, as in the rest of India, you will find the good smells of spices that make you hungry. In addition to the specialties of the country, you can discover the following dishes:

  • Bikaneri Bhujia: popular crispy dish prepared from beans and gram flour and spices.
  • Kadhi:  this dish consists of a thick sauce made from chickpea flour, curry and contains vegetable fritters. The Indians add yogurt to it to give it a slightly sour taste. It is usually eaten with boiled rice or roast.
  • Baati: this is bread baked without yeast.
  • Boondi: this dish is made with chickpea flour sweetened and fried.
Rajasthan place
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Magnificent landscapes

This region of India is made up of extraordinary and very diverse landscapes. There, there are lakes, a desert and even a jungle. All these places are very different, but all have the Indian soul.

Lake Pichola

This artificial lake was created in 1362 near the village of Picholi. While sailing on its waters, one can notably observe the Jag Mandir palace which was built on an island in the lake.

The Thar Desert

Also called the Great Indian Desert, it extends from Rajasthan to Pakistan over more than 200,000 km². During your visit to the Thar Desert, you can dine there and even spend the night there. On the back of a camel or in a jeep, you can take a short excursion through the dunes.

Bundi: the city that inspired The Jungle Book

Who has never dreamed of going to the village of Mowgli? This small traditional Indian village has everything to please: tranquillity, vegetation and even a fort that offers a magnificent panorama of the village and the jungle.

A fauna to preserve

In Rajasthan, you will certainly have the chance to come across a certain number of animals that you don’t come across everywhere. There are, for example, elephants, tigers, camels, monkeys, etc. Some of these animals are rare, hence the importance of respecting them and their environment. To do this, observe them from afar and avoid touching them. As far as elephants are concerned, we advise you not to ride on their backs, which does not prevent you from sharing a moment with them. And as for the tigers, go to the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve if you really want to see some.

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Rajasthan tig
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