As in many other countries in Africa, many traditional villages in Burkina Faso are still preserved and inhabited. Some of them stand out thanks to their unique architecture. The village of Tiébélé is known for its houses that can be considered as works of art.

An architecture that stands out from the rest

In the south of Burkina Faso, near the border with Ghana, there is a village where tourism is developing more than in the surrounding area. The reason ? The originality of its “Gourounsi” architectural traditions . These casas are characterized by a construction from mud bricks. Added to this is a facade on which geometric shapes are painted with clay. The best decorated buildings are usually the most important ones like the mausoleum for the deceased. And if the houses seem so maintained , it is because the women of the village repaint the casas every year.

The highlight of the show when visiting Tiébélé is the view of the royal residence of the town, which remains the largest and most impressive of all. This is how the Kassena people who live in Tiébélé have seen tourists arriving daily in their remote village. Even if the development of tourism can be beneficial to the process of safeguarding the village, it can at the same time harm the traditions of the Kassena.

Tiébélé, a village in Burkina Faso
Credits: Wikipedia

Discovering the culture of the Kassena

Despite the fact that Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world, it is one of the richest culturally speaking. In this village, we find the Muslim religion, but especially animists. But there, the religion of the inhabitants matters since it is not the engine of their traditions. The Kassena are among the first ethnic groups to settle in Burkina Faso in the 15th century. This village and this marvelous architectural style which today attracts the curious do not date from today. The decorations on the houses sometimes have a meaning, while others are simply decorative. It is an art specific to the Kassena culture .

Tiebélé, Burkina Faso
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

If you want to go to this village, be sure to respect the customs and habits of the people who live there. For example, only the noble family is allowed to wear red or accessories like umbrellas or parasols. In addition, to understand the history of Tiébélé and have an even more pleasant experience, it is best to hire a local guide .

Tiebélé, Burkina Faso
Credits: Wikimedia Commons
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