In the heart of magnificent Algiers, not far from the Place des Martyrs, is an architectural jewel, imposing itself by its nameless beauty, its elegance, its exceptional distinction and its neo-baroque charm, designed by the architects French Charles Frédéric Chassériau and Justin Ponsard, it was built around 1850.

Formerly called Opera, today it bears the name of the famous Algerian playwright Mahieddine Bachtarzi.

This Algerian wonder still captivates even after 150 years, just by looking at the facade we manage to project ourselves towards this distant past where great figures of the artistic scene liked to put themselves on stage and present shows, plays, or concertos.

The magic of the place continues to exist, its majestic staircases are the preamble to an evening that promises to be promising before throwing oneself into the “art” of the subject which is the stage, it is illuminated by these artists who know animate it with a lot of passion, love, talent and enthusiasm.

This exquisite place makes us jump and reminds us of history, the passage of time, art and beauty in all its facets.

Come admire this work of art from the outside, and listen to its heart from the inside.

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