Discover Turquoise Bay, a hidden corner of paradise in Western Australia

Like many, you have certainly dreamed of finding yourself alone in an idyllic setting. This is what awaits you if you decide to go to Turquoise Bay, a paradise beach that is located on the west coast of Australia. This part of the country being much less visited than the east coast, you will probably be able to enjoy the wonderful landscapes there without anyone around. Come on, let’s go!


  • A wild setting
  • An underwater exploration
  • be careful

A wild setting

When you go to Turquoise Bay, near the town of Exmouth, don’t expect to come across a seaside resort. Indeed, this beach is wild and that is what makes the place even more beautiful and impressive. It is truly one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast! If you want to increase your chances of finding yourself alone on this white sand beach, prefer to go there out of season.

Turquoise Bay, Australia
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Once there, you will be able to see the incredible setting of Turquoise Bay. The landscape seems unreal with the color gradient between sand, clear water and turquoise water. But if the place is ideal for relaxing and simply appreciating the beauty of nature, it is especially so for observing wildlife. Indeed, many kangaroos cohabit with the few visitors who come to enjoy Turquoise Bay. It is also possible to observe many species of birds, all magnificent. But the highlight of the show is in the water…

An underwater exploration

Turquoise Bay is an excellent spot for snorkeling enthusiasts or simply for people curious to discover marine species. Indeed, there is no need to go very far from the beach to see the first fish through the almost transparent water. A simple mask and a snorkel will do! In particular, if you are lucky, you may come across a sea turtle.

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Discover Turquoise Bay, a hidden corner of paradise in Western Australia
Credits: Pixnio

be careful

If the places are magnificent, it is important that they be preserved. Even if the beach does not receive many visitors daily, they can damage it. To ensure that you don’t do irreversible damage during your visit, be very careful where you step. Indeed, it would be catastrophic to walk on corals for biodiversity…

Credits: Pixabay

We also advise you to be careful when swimming or snorkeling, because even if it is not visible, the current can easily deport you and take you out to sea little by little.

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