Discover Vancouver, the 10 favorite activities of travelers

Canada is very popular with visitors from all over the world. Between impressive nature and futuristic cities, it’s hard to know where to turn. For its buildings, its Pacific coast and its mountains, the city of Vancouver is a major tourist attraction in North America. But what to visit in this municipality with an exceptional quality of life?


  • 1. Cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • 2. Take a walk in Stanley Park
  • 3. Go to Grouse Mountain
  • 4. Discover the Granville Island neighborhood
  • 5. Take to the skies at the Vancouver Lookout
  • 6. Go to the beach
  • 7. Go to Gastown
  • 8. Go shopping on Robson Street
  • 9. Explore Vancouver’s Chinatown
  • 10. Go to a hockey game

1. Cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge

To the north of the city, this suspension bridge is enough to make you dizzy! 137 meters long and 70 meters high above a river, you will evolve at your own pace in a sublime setting. If you want to continue the adventure, you can try the Treetop adventure . While doing a course in the trees, this will allow you to admire magnificent panoramas.

Capilano Bridge, Vancouver
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

2. Take a walk in Stanley Park

This park located in the heart of the city nicknamed “Van” is one of the most beautiful in the world. During a jog, a picnic or a carriage ride, let yourself succumb to its charm. In this huge space, you will find an aquarium for the greatest pleasure of the little ones. Also, you will find totems in homage to an Amerindian tribe, the former inhabitants of the place.

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Stanley Park, Vancouver
Credits: Max Pixel

3. Go to Grouse Mountain

To take a breath of fresh air or simply admire a breathtaking view of Vancouver, Mount Grouse should please you. Many activities allow you to enjoy this place in summer and winter: walks, skiing, dog sledding, paragliding…

Discover Vancouver, the 10 favorite activities of travelers
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

4. Discover the Granville Island neighborhood

This charming neighborhood of Vancouver concentrates the best shops, restaurants, theaters and art galleries. For young and old, Granville Island is a trendy and cosmopolitan place to live. In particular, you can take advantage of your visit to this district to taste good fresh and local products at the Granville Islanb Public Market .

Granville Island, Vancouver
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

5. Take to the skies at the Vancouver Lookout

If you’re not sure where to start your city tour, you should head to Vancouver Lookout to get a glimpse of its surroundings. A magnificent panorama will surprise you and make you want to discover more!

Vancouver Outlook
Credits: Flickr/GotoVan

6. Go to the beach

Of course, tourists love to hit Vancouver’s beaches and simply enjoy the sun and the ocean when the weather permits. In addition to that, these places will allow you to observe the contrast between the mountains, the Pacific Ocean and the vastness of the city.

vancouver beach
Credits: Flickr/Joe Wolf

7. Go to Gastown

Gastown is known for its liveliness, style and history. Indeed, it is the oldest neighborhood in Vancouver! In a warm atmosphere, you will discover Victorian buildings, independent art galleries, but above all its famous steam whistling clock. Also, you can taste the best food and drinks in the city.

Gastown, Vancouver
Credits: Wikipedia

8. Go shopping on Robson Street

Can’t resist the call of shopping? Don’t worry, you will quickly find your haunts in Robson Street, because there really is something for everyone. This is the ideal place to warm up the credit card!

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9. Explore Vancouver’s Chinatown

Like many major cities around the world, Vancouver has its own Asian Quarter. Stroll through the alleys, enter the shops of this district and taste some specialties to completely change your universe for a few hours.

Chinatown Vancouver
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

10. Go to a hockey game

To get into the mood of a country, nothing better than immersing yourself through sport. In Canada, it’s hockey that brings the crowds together. This is why tourists like to go to the hockey games in the Vancouver stadium during their visit. And even if you don’t know anything about it, you should come out smiling from ear to ear!

Hockey Vancouver
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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