Discover where to stay in Brasilia?

You don’t know where to sleep in Brasilia? Here are the best neighborhoods to stay in Brasilia, the futuristic capital of Brazil!


  • The Eixo Monumental
  • The city center
  • Sul Lake
  • Park Way
  • north lake
  • Southwest Sector
  • Northwest Sector

Want to live a unique experience? Fly to Brazil where the landscapes are as varied as they are surprising, the historical and cultural heritage is worth the detour, the activities are numerous, and the inhabitants are smiling and welcoming. Brasilia the capital will also be an unmissable stop on your trip. This city will fascinate you with its contemporary and avant-garde architectural marvels.

Capital of the country since 1960, Brasilia is located in the center of Brazil, and was declared World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1987. Its population exceeds 3 million inhabitants, and makes it the fourth city the most populated in Brazil. This open-air museum is the largest in the world with 112 km² of modern art accessible free of charge to visitors.

Do not miss its hectic evenings, during which many bars and nightclubs will open their doors to you. Here you will find the best places and neighborhoods to stay in Brasilia!

The Eixo Monumental

Monumental Axis, Brasilia

Photo credit: Flickr – Samory Pereira Santos

A true masterpiece of modern architecture, Brasília looks like an airplane: instead of the wings, the residential and commercial areas and instead of the cockpit, the Eixo Monumental which houses the main monuments of the city. Designed by the Brazilian architect Lúcio Costa, its shape is highlighted by the axis of the highway (Eixo Rodoviário), which runs from north to south-west and connects the main residential areas of Brasília, as well as the rectilinear axis Monumental (Eixo Monumental), which runs northwest to southeast and is lined with federal and municipal buildings.

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The city center

Downtown, Brasília

Photo credit: Flickr – Rodrigo Soldon

Brasilia is quite underserved and very spread out so if there is one piece of advice to remember when looking for accommodation, it is to opt for the city center. And for good reason, almost all the hotels, whatever their category, are located in the city center, at the crossroads of the two main axes . Also, it should be noted that Brasilia is one of the most expensive cities in Brazil, so cheap establishments are rare.

Sul Lake

South Lake, Brasilia

Credit photo: Flickr – Márcio Cabral de Moura

Lago Sul is an upscale area of ​​Brasilia, rather residential, with many small individual houses and residences limited to 3 floors for visual concern. You will find a few shops there, as well as many schools and private or public clinics.

Park Way

House in Park Way, Brasília

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – Claudio Oliveira Lim…

The Park Way district will delight you if you are looking for calm and nature, while being close to amenities and major shopping centers in the city center. By staying at Park Way, you ensure a rather residential stay, particularly next to the Juscelino Kubitschek international airport.

north lake

North Lake, Brasilia

Photo credit: Flickr – Daniela Goulart

This district is a peninsula bordered by Lake Paranoá , which was artificially created to soften the region’s dry climate. It is a place known for its large and beautiful houses, therefore rather “chic”. Here you will find the Iguatemi Shopping Center and Deck Norte .

Southwest Sector

Brasilia City Park Sarah Kubitschek, Brasilia

Credit photo: Flickr – Márcio Cabral de Moura

It is one of the main sites in the Federal District of Brasilia. It is near one of the city’s major outdoor recreation centers, Sarah Kubitschek City Park . Because it is inserted in the area of ​​the World Heritage Site, its accommodations are focused on high residential prices.

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Northwest Sector

Northwest Sector, Brasilia

Photo credit: Flickr – Carla Salgueiro

The Setor Noroeste (northwest sector) is a residential sector of Brasilia, designed by architect and urban planner Lúcio Costa as part of his project titled Brasilia Revisited 1985/1987. This is the last district to be built in a rather poor area, as it is a historical and cultural site classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The neighborhood has the most expensive square meter in Brasilia and hosts many real estate projects in development for the next few years.

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