Discover : Where to stay in Guilin, China?

Where to stay in Guilin? Generation Voyage has selected for you the best neighborhoods of one of the most beautiful cities in China!


  • Xiufeng, the most lively
  • Xiangshan, the most cultural
  • Qixing, the calmest
  • Yangshuo, the most authentic
  • Daxu, the most historic

Guiling is located in the south of the Middle Kingdom in the Guangxi region. It is a city that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year to admire the beauty of its landscapes. Besides its exceptional nature, Guilin is also known for its cultural relics. Walks along the rivers, hikes in the mountains, visits to Buddhist temples, there are so many things to do in Guilin.

So to prepare your visit to the tourist capital of Guangxi, we offer you an overview of the best areas to stay in Guilin. Whether you prefer a festive, natural or cultural atmosphere, there is accommodation for everyone. Guilin and its surroundings are full of exceptional places for an unforgettable stay. Here is an overview of the different neighborhoods where to sleep in Guilin.

Xiufeng, the most lively

Zhengyang - Xiufeng, Guilin

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district Xiufeng is located in the center of Guilin. It is therefore a prime location for anyone who wants to minimize metro or bus journeys during their stay. Several must-see sites are located there. You will be able to visit the reed flute cave which will take you to another universe or even Central Square. In addition to sightseeing, the Xiufeng district has many places to go out to party and eat.

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Besides, this is where the famous Zhengyang . With a length of 666 meters, you will find restaurants, hotels, theaters, a multitude of shops to do your shopping and of course many accommodations to sleep.
If you like to live at 100 an hour, Xiufeng is definitely one of the best areas to stay in Guilin.

Xiangshan, the most cultural

Xiangshan, Guilin

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Along the Li River, the Xiangshan is ideal for all your cultural activities. The Elephant Trunk Hill, the Sun and Moon Pagodas, or the Botanical Garden are all things to see when you stay in this area. Xiangshan is the perfect starting point for a boat cruise on the famous Li River.

The Xiangshan district is also the ideal place for those who like to take walks along the river. If this is your case, look no further for other places to stay in Guilin, Xiangshan is for you!

Very central district, you will find all types of accommodation according to your preferences. Luxurious hotels for comfort, hundreds of Airbnb apartments, and youth hostels for partygoers.

Qixing, the calmest

Qixing, Guilin

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A little further from the city center, the Qixing is a place steeped in history. Within this district is the Seven Star Park . This atypical place brings together all the elements for an unforgettable visit: mountains, water, caves, history and religion.

Within this park, there are several must-see sites. You can, in fact, visit the camel hill, the flower bridge, the seven-star grotto, etc. By staying in this district, you are in the city center in a few minutes while enjoying the calm and natural spaces.

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Yangshuo, the most authentic


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Yangshuo is not, strictly speaking, a district of Guilin. Rather, it is a nearby village that is worth visiting. Even though it is not actually part of the city, it seems inconceivable not to mention Yangshuo in the best places to stay in Guilin. Quieter than the districts of Xiangshan and Xuifeng, this village offers breathtaking picturesque sites.

Rice fields, mountains, nature becomes your playground. There’s nothing like waking up and starting the day hiking along an exceptional trail. It is therefore the ideal place for all nature lovers who want to fully enjoy the beauty that the Guilin region has to offer. And for people who prefer calm, choosing accommodation in Yangshuo can also be a good way to avoid the excitement that reigns in Guilin.

Daxu, the most historic


Photo credit: Shutterstock / Jay Yuan

Last place to stay in Guilin, the village of Daxu. Only 20 kilometers from Guilin, Daxu will surprise you with these ancient buildings. For anyone interested in the history of the Ming or Qing dynasties, it is best to stay in Daxu.

You can stroll the cobbled streets, take a walk in the market and visit the Chinese temples. The village has managed to preserve traditional Chinese culture. Off the beaten track, Daxu is surrounded by a green landscape where calm reigns.

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