Discover Whitehaven Beach, the most beautiful beach in Australia

Many people dream of going on an adventure in Australia for a longer or shorter period. Going to the other side of the world is good. But it is important to be well organized to visit such a big country. Australia offers plenty of breathtaking scenery, but if you’re not staying very long, you’ll have to make some choices. If you like heavenly beaches, don’t miss Whitehaven Beach: you might regret it!


  • A magnificent painting
  • Discover the Whitsunday Islands
  • Why travel to Australia?

A magnificent painting

This beach amazing is located between Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef , specifically on Island Whitsunday . Whitehaven has become famous for its many shades of blue and intertwining white sand. The seven kilometer long beach is totally wild and accessible only by boat. On the other hand, some points of view on land allow you to contemplate it and take pretty pictures.

If you want to swim in this transparent water , beware of jellyfish (“stingers”)! Indeed, these small invertebrates occupy Whitehaven Beach from December to March and their bites can be fatal. During this period, therefore, prefer to swim in a wetsuit that completely covers your body.

Whitehaven beach, Australie
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Discover the Whitsunday Islands

If you travel to this island, we advise you to linger a minimum on the islands that surround it. A total of 74 islands make up the Whitsunday , most of which are completely uninhabited. You will find tropical forest, heavenly beaches and hiking trails.

So, make the choice to stroll through the coastal paths of these islands if you have a little time in front of you and discover landscapes breathtaking . Many tourists choose to take a boat tour around these islands and thus enjoy the beauty of this archipelago.

As far as accommodation is concerned, you can choose to sleep on one of the islands, including the largest, WhitSunday Island , or prefer to sleep on the mainland by opting for a day or half-day cruise. . During your excursions in this archipelago, you can also take advantage of turquoise waters to practice the snorkeling . It would be an opportunity to swim with beautiful fish and maybe even sea turtles!

As you will no doubt have understood, Whitehaven Beach and the Whitesunday Islands are an ideal destination for anyone looking for adventure and dreams. Whitehaven Beach or “white haven of peace” is definitely aptly named…

Why travel to Australia?

Australia has many facets. You can be sure not to get bored and to find the perfect place for you, whether you are a student, whether you are going away with your family or on the occasion of your honeymoon . For example, you can set off to discover wild Australia , with its animals such as kangaroos or tarantulas, or spend a few weeks treading the sand of heavenly beaches . But Australia is also modern cities with its tall buildings and unmissable places like the Sydney Opera House .

How to prepare for your trip to Australia?

The preparation of a trip is to be done several months in advance. Indeed, there are a few customs formalities for visiting Australia to take into account. To be able to leave, you will need to bring your passport, which is valid throughout your stay. Then you will need to show a visa, whether for tourism, study or work . Also, when it comes to goods, you won’t be able to bring too many things back to Australia.

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Once you have all the necessary papers , all you have to do is prepare your suitcase, bringing clothes and other belongings adapted to the weather and climate of the country . In Australia, it can be very hot or very cold depending on where you are.

You can also prepare your itinerary beforehand , especially if you want to tour Australia by bike . Depending on the vacation you want to spend, you will have to book certain hotels or sleep with locals if you prefer to opt for a more sporty vacation. You will therefore be spoiled for choice, whether it is a luxury hotel or a campsite . In Australia, there is something for all tastes and all prices!

If you want to go to Australia with your family , don’t forget to provide a passport for all the members of your family, even the children . The passport is valid for 5 years for children and 10 years for adults .

If you wish, you can go through a travel agency so that it takes care of everything, including booking plane tickets , but also taking care of booking hotels as well as activities to do once on the spot.

Australia offers you swimming in the ocean , games water , safaris or the practice of many sports activities . You will inevitably find what you are looking for once in this beautiful country!

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