You may have already seen impressive images of people swinging above the void. Ever wondered where these photos were taken? Well, it is quite possible that it is the swing at the end of the world or La Casa del Arbol. This one is located in Baños, a small town in Ecuador, this little-known country in South America.

Baños and its region in Ecuador

Many travelers consider Baños to be one of the most charming towns in the country. It is also Ecuador’s number one tourist destination. Located about 300 kilometers from the capital Quito, this city has the distinction of being over 1800 meters above sea level . The first thing that surprises visitors when they arrive in the region is the mix between the impressive reliefs and the abundant vegetation . Indeed, this city is located at the gates of the Amazon . In addition to this, the village is at the foot of a volcano named Tungurahua  and not far from a valley filled with waterfalls. That’s a lot for one and the same small village, isn’t it? And yet it is indeed real!

banos Ecuador
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This extraordinary environment makes Baños the capital of extreme sports . Between the volcanoes, the forest and the waters of the region, there is plenty to do for thrill seekers! On the program: hiking, bungee jumping, rafting, canyoning, zip line, zip-line or parachute . In short, there is something for everyone, provided you like the thrills! After a day of intensive sports, there’s nothing better than relaxing in the region’s thermal baths in pools of holy water.

Banos Ecuador
Credits: Flickr/ Rinaldo Wurglisch

Jump above the void

It is in this little corner of paradise lost in the middle of nature that you can discover one of the most impressive swings in the world, but also perhaps the most dangerous . This is hung on a tree on which a small cabin has been made  and suspended at an altitude of more than 2600 meters . It is therefore without any security that you have to start from the Casa del Arbolin the void among the clouds. Many tourists are content to come and observe this extraordinary attraction, when rare adventurers come to test it. This swing allows you to feel a feeling of extreme freedom and even gives the impression of flying. People who lace up keep an exceptional memory of it for life.

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So, would you be able to get started on your own?

Casa del Arbol, Ecuador
Credits: Flickr/ binzend
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