The city of Cherchell, the capital of the Algerian province of Tipasa, is one of the coastal cities in Algeria. It is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, to the east by Sidi Omar and Nador, to the west by Sidi Guillas, and to the south by Manasir and Sidi Smyane. The origin of the name Cherchell has been a subject of debate, with conflicting references regarding whether it is derived from Berber or Arabic. In the Berber language, it is said to mean “the sound of strong water,” while the word Cherchal is associated with the dissolution of evil.

Sights in Cherchell

Roman Theater

The Roman theater is indeed one of the oldest landmarks in the city of Cherchell. It was constructed during the reign of King Juba II, who ruled the area as a client king under the Roman Empire. The theater is considered one of the oldest Roman theaters in North Africa and stands as a testament to the historical significance and cultural heritage of Cherchell.

roman wall

The Roman wall in Cherchell is renowned as one of the largest walls from the Roman era. It is characterized by its distinctive triangular shape, encompassing the entire city from all directions. The total length of the Roman wall is approximately 6,440 meters, with an additional section extending 1,250 meters in the eastern part of the city. This impressive structure showcases the architectural prowess and defensive strategies employed during the Roman period, serving as a notable historical feature in Cherchell.

Roman amphitheater 

The Roman amphitheater in Cherchell was indeed constructed during the reign of King Juba II and his son. It was primarily used for spectacles such as hunting and wrestling, which were popular forms of entertainment during the Roman era. The amphitheater provided a venue for these events, allowing the audience to witness these thrilling displays of skill and athleticism. The structure stands as a testament to the cultural and recreational activities enjoyed by the inhabitants of Cherchell during that time.

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