Holiday Destinations in Senegal: Top 5 Must-See Addresses

In the West African sub-region, Senegal still arouses attraction. Frequented by different nationalities, the country is also one of the favorite destinations of foreign tourists who come mostly from Europe. On Senegal, many praise the natural wealth of the country. It must be said that the cultural realities of the country are all the more attractive as are its welcoming beaches. Afrotribune presents you in five points what you can visit in Senegal.


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The Senegalese capital symbolizes the diversity of the country. It is an urban center where people from different social strata rub shoulders. Dakar has a regularly frequent beach. It is in the Senegalese capital that you can also visit the westernmost point of Africa. This point is located at the end of Cape Verde and is called the Pointe des Almadies. In Dakar, tourists do not fail to take a walk in the markets.

The cultural wealth, artists that one meets in strategic places of the capital, the well-represented African frescoes are particular characteristics of Dakar. The capital is home to other places and squares that are often visited.

The pink lake

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All those who have once visited the country do not hide their satisfaction at having been to one of the most famous sites in the country. The pink lake of Senegal has indeed a high concentration of salt. The place welcomes people who come to collect salt. But also horse races and birds of different species that come to rest there. Pink Lake owes its name to the bright pink color of its waters.

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To visit Kedougou is also to realize the ethnic diversity of the country. To the east of Senegal, the region of Kedougou is in fact populated by different ethnic groups. There are Soninkés, Bassaris or Malinkés. Kedougou, benefit of a magnificent landscape. This part of the country is also home to the Niokolo Koba National Park. In Fouta Djallon, the country has a high rainfall.

Saint-Louis and the islands of Gorée and Carabane

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A part of African history is hidden on this island. Not far from Dakar, the island of Gorée saw African slaves pass between the 16th and 19th centuries. This is why you can visit museums, the house of slaves, but also historic buildings. The island of Gorée benefits above all from a serene atmosphere and especially allows its inhabitants or visitors to take refuge from the atmosphere offered by the capital of Senegal.

Image result for Saint-Louis islands senegalCapital of Senegal from 1872 to 1957, Saint-Louis was frequented by settlers. In the city, one can mainly notice the colonial architecture. Just like the island of Gorée, Saint-Louis is home to colonial houses or other historic buildings. Many tourists can be found there throughout the year.

As for the island of Carabane, it is visited for its historical heritage and its ecological practices. Carabane is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It houses a Breton-style church that can be visited on foot or by canoe.

The beaches

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The atmosphere and the fresh air offered by the Senegalese beaches are magnificent, especially those of Dakar and the island of N’gor. It is also rightly that these beaches are among the most photographed. The country also has other less wide beaches. Another reason to visit Senegal, the assets available to the city of Saly. Sports disciplines such as jet skiing and diving are practiced there. Saly was often chosen by sports teams for internship periods.

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