In which district to stay in Oran?

Algeria is your next travel destination? Discover in this article an overview of the neighborhoods not to be missed to stay in Oran!


  • seafront
  • Place du 1er Novembre 1954
  • The Habibas Islands
  • Around the Fort of Santa Cruz
  • Near the forest of Canastel

Oran is the second largest city in Algeria , after Algiers . Located between the Murdjadjo plateau and the Mediterranean Sea, the city, also nicknamed “the radiant”, has many assets to offer its visitors. Sleeping in Oran during your stay will allow you to discover its beaches, its historical monuments, or its surrounding islands, while enjoying the sense of hospitality of the people of Oran.


Beach, Oran

No stay in Oran without a walk along the seafront! A famous avenue in the city, the waterfront stretches for 2 kilometers from the Zabana roundabout to the fortress wall of the Palais du Bey . Ideal location for all lovers of panoramic views, the seafront truly acts as a balcony over the sea. will even be your favorite place to book holiday accommodation?

Place du 1er Novembre 1954

Square of November 1, 1954, Oran

Place du 1er Novembre is located in the heart of the historic center of the city of Oran, a rather practical area for booking your accommodation. In the middle of the square, you can see the obelisk built in honor of Emir Abdelkader. All around, admire the town hall and the opera, magnificent buildings with colonial architecture dating back more than a century. Apart from its ideal location, Place du 1er Novembre has a nearby tram station , which will make it easier to get around the city. Rather interesting therefore to look on this side to stay in Oran!

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The Habibas Islands

Habibas Islands, Oran

Want to sleep in Oran in a more unusual way? If you are an adventurer at heart, then go to the Habibas Islands to spend a night… Under the stars! Located to the west off the coast of Oran and easily accessible from the city, they form an island complex classified as a maritime nature reserve. You can enjoy the small creeks scattered all around and observe the local flora and fauna.

Around the Fort of Santa Cruz

Fort Santa Cruz, Oran

The Fort of Santa Cruz is THE tourist site to visit during your stay in Oran. A military fort built in the 16th century, it dominates the city thanks to its location on the heights of Mount Murdjadjo . Cut directly into the hills, it will offer you a breathtaking view of Oran and the sea.

It will take about twenty minutes by car from the city center to get there. Below, take the time to visit the Chapel of Santa Cruz, Classified as a national monument and built by French settlers in 1850. As surprising as it may seem, the statue of the Virgin Mary irremediably evokes that of Christ the Redeemer, on the Corcovado of Rio de Janeiro.

With the Oran maritime station nearby, you will have no trouble finding your accommodation, hotel or hostel in the surrounding area.

Near the forest of Canastel

Castanel Forest, Oran

Rather want “green” to stay in Oran? Yes, that’s possible too! And for that, you will have to go to the Canastel forest side , to the east of the city. Vast and magnificent expanse of greenery, it offers several marked trails, often explored by jogging enthusiasts. This forest offers beautiful views of the sea and still totals 7 forest sites.

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Here, you can enjoy the beauty of typical Mediterranean plants and trees such as eucalyptus, Aleppo pine or lavender, and listen to the chirping of crickets for hours. Whether on foot, jogging or cycling, with family or lovers, it is early in the morning that you will best enjoy your walk. As you will have understood, accommodation next to the Canastel forest can be a very interesting “nature” alternative for sleeping in Oran.

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