London: in the footsteps of Harry Potter

More than 20 years after the publication of the first installment of the Harry Potter saga, the adventures of the young English wizard have toured the world and occupy a very special place in British culture. Whether one prefers the books or their film adaptations, Harry Potter’s magical presence is at the heart of the land. And we find it more particularly and undeniably in the English capital. So here are some of the best destinations in London that attract huge numbers of fans every year looking for a special Harry Potter vacation…


  • London: A Magical Capital
  • Unmissable places
  • At the heart of the secrets of the saga

London: A Magical Capital

The Harry Potter saga occupies a very special place in British culture . Moreover, a simple walk in London is enough to prove it. Indeed, the English capital served as a setting for the story of the young wizard as well as for the filming of his cinematographic adaptations. So a visit to London Zoo and its reptiles is sure to remind you of one of Harry Potter’s most iconic scenes at the Sorcerer’s Stone, while the stairs of the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral will eerily remind you of those of the divination tower of Hogwarts castle.

Further on, the walls of Saint Pancras station may also seem familiar. Indeed, they were briefly used as a setting in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The famous square of Piccadilly Circus is found later in the films, in the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

St Paul’s Cathedral stairs and film location. Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Merlaysamuel

In the heart of the City (London’s business district), the sublime Leadenhall Market was a major source of inspiration for the wizarding district of Diagon Alley. The sharpest of eyes might even spot the location of the famous Leaky Cauldron magic pub .

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Die-hard fans of the saga will find film locations in every corner of London, including some of the capital’s most iconic landmarks…However, if you don’t want to take care of the organization, many guided tours of London on the theme of Harry Potter will be offered to you on specialized travel sites. A very useful way to not miss any of the magic of the city!

leadenhall market
Leadenhall Market. Credits: Peter Trimming /

Unmissable places

Beyond the sets of the films, London hosts many places that have become essential passages for every fan of the saga. This is, for example, the case of King’s Cross station , a central location in the work of JK Rowling. Unlike the books, no train by the name of Hogwarts Express leaves the station. However, King’s Cross Station now hosts its own 9 3/4 track . However, the latter comes with its own magic shop and photo point.

Otherwise, there is further evidence that the traces of the young wizard can be found all over the English capital. The prestigious British Library is indeed hosting a special exhibition around books and their mythologies.

Furthermore, to delve even further into the world of magic, there is also the theatrical show of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child . Co-written by JK Rowling herself, it tells us the rest of the wizard’s adventures once he becomes an adult. Head to the West End district to enjoy it!

An obligatory stopover, the marvelous Minalima boutique will make any fan of the saga dream. Held by the two main designers of the films, this veritable little museum will immerse you in the magnificent graphic universe of the film adaptations.

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Finally, among the obligatory shopping stops, the Primark or Forbidden Planet stores on Oxford Street . They both have a special Harry Potter collection .

At the heart of the secrets of the saga

But if the capital offers us its own treasures, it is a few kilometers from London, in the commercial area of ​​Leavesden , that is by far the most magical place of all : the huge studios of Warner Bros. Indeed, this permanent exhibition reveals all the behind-the-scenes secrets of the Harry Potter films . You will be able to discover many anecdotes of filming and observe the costumes worn by the actors. Moreover, you can also walk in the heart of the magic decorations reconstituted in real size. In addition, this absolutely incredible place is served by shuttle from London . Not to be missed…

London: in the footsteps of Harry Potter
Credits: Pixabay/waldomiguez

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