Madrid: discover its 8 most beautiful tourist spots

In the heart of Spain, Madrid is the capital of the country, but also one of the favorite destinations for tourists in Europe. And for good reason, this city is full of sites and monuments, each more magnificent than the next. There is always something to do in Madrid and here are the 8 great must-sees to start discovering the city.


  • 1. The Prado Museum
  • 2. Puerta del Sol square
  • 3. The main square
  • 4. The Temple of Debod
  • 5. The San Miguel Market
  • 6. The Royal Palace
  • 7. Retiro Park
  • 8. Visit historic towns nearby

1. The Prado Museum

Besides being one of the main attractions of the city, the Prado Museum is one of the largest and most important art galleries in the world . Inaugurated in 1819, it now displays more than 9,000 works of art. By going to the Prado Museum, you will discover many works and collections, and especially European paintings from the 14th century to the beginning of the 19th century.

Prado Museum, Madrid
Credits: Flickr

And why stop at just one museum when the city has some of the best museums in the world? If you like art, do not hesitate to stop at the Reina Sophia museum , at the Thyssen , but also in the archaeological museums of Madrid.

2. Puerta del Sol square

Many people consider this square to be the heart of Madrid . Indeed, it is here that streets begin the most important It is therefore wise to start the visit of the city there. You will discover one of the symbols of the Spanish capital, namely the statue of the bear and the strawberry tree created by Antonio Navarro Santafe.

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3. La plaza Mayor

In the heart of the historic district of Madrid, you cannot miss this huge square full of charm. With the statue of Philip III on horseback , the Plaza Mayor is completely pedestrianized and allows you to take a break while marveling.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

4. The Temple of Debod

Offert comme cadeau en 1968, ce temple égyptien vieux de 2 200 ans est aujourd’hui devenu un des symboles de la capitale espagnole. Ce monument dédié à Amon et Isis est situé sur une colline au-dessus du parc de la Casa del Campo. Au cours de la journée ou au crépuscule, ce lieu est magnifique et est très agréable pour un petit pic-nique.

Temple of Debod, Madrid
Credits: Flickr

5. The San Miguel Market

For the greediest , the Mercado de San Miguel is ideal! Indeed, this old traditional market has been revisited as a high place of gastronomy in Madrid . In this trendy place, you can discover new smells and flavors. Before you decide to buy a product, you can taste it in small quantities for free or for a symbolic €1.

Mercado de San Miguel
Crédits : Wikimedia Commons

6. The Royal Palace

As you know, Spain remains a monarchy. El Palacio Real, also called Royal Palace of Madrid, is the official residence of the Kings of Spain . However, the current kings do not reside there and prefer the Zarzuela Palace also located in the capital. But this palace is well worth a look! Indeed, this building dating from the mid-1600s is just incredible. It is therefore a highlight of Madrid both for its history and for its architecture and beauty.

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The Royal Palace, Madrid
Crédits : Wikipédia

7. Le parc du Retiro

Despite the fact that Madrid has many parks, we retain only one: the Retiro Park which is not far from the hypercentre. In addition to being the largest park in the city, this one is historic as it also dates back to the mid-1600s . On 125 hectares , you will discover abundant vegetation , lakes and magnificent monuments . There is no better place in Madrid to enjoy sunny days in peace and quiet.

Retiro Park, Madrid
Credits: Pixabay

8. Visiter les villes historiques aux alentours

Si vous avez un peu de temps devant vous, nous vous conseillons de vous éloigner un petit peu du centre de Madrid afin de découvrir quelques villes historiques qui se trouvent aux alentours. Pour cela, vous aurez le choix entre neuf sites classés au patrimoine de l’UNESCO à moins de deux heures de route de Madrid : Salamanque, Cuenca, Avila, Ségovie, le monastère de l’Escorial, Aranjuez, Alcalá de Henares, Tolède et Cordoue.

Credits: Pixabay

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