Mallorca: 5 good reasons to go on holiday to this idyllic island

Generally, the islands are preferred destinations for many travelers. Their magnificent landscapes, as well as their mild weather, make them real little corners of relaxation. In Spain, go to Mallorca if you want to experience a unique holiday and dive in crystal clear water. Change of scenery guaranteed!


  • 1. Discover incredible places steeped in history
  • 2. Take a walk admiring breathtaking landscapes
  • 3. Have fun thanks to the multitude of possible activities
  • 4. Treat yourself to delicious local dishes
  • 5. Dance the night away

1. Discover incredible places steeped in history

If you like to travel with the aim of visiting historical monuments or expanding your general knowledge, Mallorca is for you! The capital Palma de Mallorca is inhabited by very beautiful medieval buildings that can be admired in the old town. Likewise, the Catalan Gothic style of the cathedral is very impressive. You will also be amazed once inside, illuminated with 7 colored rosettes. The spiritual territories are not what is missing in Mallorca where you can go to the monastery of Lluc located in the heart of the mountains. Castles and museums are also places of choice in which to go when you enjoy sightseeing. That’s good: this pretty island has it in spades.

cathedral majorca holidays
Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca. Credits: Personal photos of the author of the article.

2. Take a walk admiring breathtaking landscapes

Mallorca is full of prime coves, beaches and vantage points. Cap de Formentor is one of the must-see places to admire. It is accessible via a winding road that will guide your steps towards the highest lighthouse in the entire archipelago. From there, it is possible to contemplate an absolutely prodigious panorama of the sea . In Sa Foradada, go on a cruise to spend a magical moment in one of the most beautiful bays on the island. Similarly, the village of Cala Saint-Vincent will welcome you in a sumptuous cove, very calm in low season. Lovers of beautiful beaches will also find what they are looking for at Playa del Muro, whose expanse of white sand rhymes with idleness.

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head of training major holidays
View from Cap de Formentor. Credits: personal photo of the author of the article

3. Have fun thanks to the multitude of possible activities

The island of Majorca is a delight for sports enthusiasts: hiking, sailing, jet skiing… you are spoiled for choice! Majorca’s topographical diversity is an undeniable asset for cycling enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will be able to ride without any problem on a road adapted to your level. The island is not very big, it is even possible to cover it entirely by bike. In the zoological reserve of Puig de Sant Marti, fans of extreme sports will have the opportunity to go paragliding and admire the landscapes from another angle. Finally, go to Cabrera, in the south of Majorca, to explore its sumptuous seabed.

Discover Mallorca: 5 good reasons to go on holiday to this idyllic island
Cabrera Island. Credits: Tommie Hansen/Flickr

4. Treat yourself to delicious local dishes

Who says Spain, says paella, tapas and cocktails on the beach. But if you are curious, let yourself be tempted by the amb oli bread : these are large slices of bread drizzled with olive oil and covered with serrano ham , cheese and fresh vegetables. At the edge of the beach, nothing like a good grilled fish or a nice salad for lunch. As a dessert, the coca de patata is there to satisfy you. It is a kind of local donut prepared on the occasion of Majorcan festivals. It is made of potatoes, sugar, eggs and butter. As you will have understood, this island has a well-defined culinary identity! One more reason to go to Mallorca for the holidays.

majorcan holiday salad
Credits: Google Images

5. Dance the night away

The inhabitants of Mallorca are night owls, which means that the island is very lively even after sunset. The El Arenal seaside resort offers nightclubs, including the Megapark, very popular with Germans to celebrate Oktoberfest ! The Schinkenstrasse or “ham street” is ideal for people who simply want to drink a beer on the terrace away from the hustle and bustle of the party. Finally, the largest nightclub on the island is located in Magaluf: the BCM Planet Dance  can accommodate more than 4,000 people! Whatever your tastes and desires, you will inevitably find the nightclub that suits you in Mallorca.

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majorca holiday club
Credit: danny howe/Unsplash

Have these reasons convinced you to go on holiday to the beautiful island of Majorca? 

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