New York: 5 completely unusual activities not to miss

Have your pet blessed at an unconventional church, marvel at a Venetian palace towering over an old stable, or explore the remnants of a prehistoric forest. These unique activities offer a glimpse into New York beyond the typical tourist attractions!

Situated in the northeastern United States along the Atlantic coast, New York City remains a magnet for tourists. Spanning Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Queens, the Big Apple boasts a cultural diversity that caters to every visitor. Venture off the beaten path with this list of unusual activities!

Unusual Things to Do in New York:

Have Your Bike Blessed in a Church

At the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, an extraordinary ritual marks the onset of spring. Cyclists gather to have their bikes blessed, seeking protection from accidents. This unique ceremony, replete with holy water and bagpipe music, draws dozens of New Yorkers annually.

The cathedral is also known for its unconventional events, including a Halloween parade of zombies and vampires and an annual animal blessing. St. John the Divine stands out as a distinctively non-traditional church, sometimes regarded as unorthodox by some followers.

Admire a Venetian Palace Above Old Stables

Palazzo Chupi, a striking candy-pink structure in Manhattan’s West Village, is the brainchild of architect Julian Schnabel. Its ostentatious exterior and distinctive design, built atop former stables, make it a standout in New York architecture.

Wander Through Manhattan’s Last Forest

Before becoming a symbol of urban opulence, Manhattan was a land where Native American communities thrived. Inwood Hill Park, the island’s last old-growth forest, offers a glimpse into this past. The park’s natural landscape, featuring forested hills and a shale ridge, contrasts sharply with other city parks. Visitors can also explore ancient Indian caves, revealing a slice of prehistoric Manhattan.

Explore the American Gangster Museum

Located at 80 St. Mark’s Place in the East Village, the Museum of the American Gangster occupies two rooms above a historic speakeasy. Since its opening in 2010, the museum has attracted visitors with its unique collection, including John Dillinger’s death mask and artifacts from notorious gangster-related incidents. It’s a departure from the typical museum experience.

Canoe Across the Gowanus Canal for a Cause

The Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, notorious for its pollution, is the focus of the non-profit Gowanus Dredgers. They offer free canoe trips to raise awareness about the environmental challenges facing this delicate waterway.

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